Green Initiatives

Capitol Technology University is committed to environmental sustainability, management, and stewardship, and is a proud member of the Maryland Green Registry. The college has supported the state in moving toward a sustainable Maryland by:

  • Forming an Environmental Committee to develop college-wide activities and establish an institutional plan and goals to expand our green promise.

  • Printing on paper containing 50% recycled content, including 15% post consumer waste.

  • Participating in AbiBow Recycling's Paper Retriever Program.

  • Participating in community environmental projects, like the Gorgeous Prince George's Day Tree Planting.

  • Communicating electronically via our monthly e-newsletter, the Capitol Connector, and making our college catalog available online.

  • Conserving energy through the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program.

  • Allowing eligible employees to telecommute to reduce daily commuter trips and fuel consumption.

  • Utilizing teleconferencing technology and our synchronous Capitol Live and asynchronous Capitol Online platforms to connect with our long distance students and faculty members.