Degree Requirements

Master of Cyber and Information Security - 36-39 credits

Required Courses - 24-27 credits
IAE-500 Introduction to Information Assurance*3
CS-620 Operating System Principles for Information Assurance*3
IAE-671 Legal Aspects of Computer Security and Information Privacy3
IAE-675 Computer Forensics and Incident Handling3
IAE-677 Malicious Software3
IAE-679 Vulnerability Mitigation3
IAE-680 Perimeter Protection3
IAE-682 Internal Protection3
IAE-685 Principles of Cyber Security3
*IAE-500 and CS-620 may be waived with department chair or dean approval 
Capstone Course
IAE-674 Security Risk Management (should be taken after IAE-680) 
Elective Courses - 12 creditsChoose any combination of four courses from the following list of electives.
Computer Network Operations Electives
IAE-651 Introduction to Cyber Network Operations3
Information Assurance
IAE-610 Advanced Penetration Testing3
IAE-611 Mobile Computing Security3
IAE-620 Mobile Device Forensics3
IAE-621 Applied Wireless Network Security3
IAE-630 SCADA Networks and ICS Security3
IAE-640 Access and Identity Management3
IAE-672 Cryptography3
IAE-673 Secure Information Transfer and Storage3
IAE-684 Complementary Security 3 
IAE-686 Managing Information Security3
Network Engineering
IE-701 Principles of Designing and Engineering Computer Networks3
IE-707 Network Architecture Convergence Using Wireless Technology3
IE-712 Design of Cloud Networks & Services3
IE-730 SCADA Networks and Industrial Control Systems3
Software Assurance
IAE-571 Software Assurance Assessment3
IAE-572 Software Assurance Development3
IAE-573 Software Assurance Management3
IAE-574 Assured Software Analytics3
Project Management and Writing Practicum
MBA-501 Professional Writing Practicum3
MBA-646 Project Management 3
MBA-647 Methods of Project Management3
MBA-648 Project Management Competitive Advantage3


Please check with an Academic Advisor to confirm degree requirements and program electives.