Faculty and Leadership

Note: The SOI is no longer operating in the below capacity as of 2013. Please direct questions about the legacy of the program to soi@captechu.edu.


System Administration


Capitol Technology University personnel, mainly students, were responsible for all information technology system administration of SOI furnished hardware and software. In 2002, Capitol Technology University also took over systems administration responsibilities for a majority of the non-SOI provided equipment in the Capitol Technology University operated control centers at Goddard Space Flight Center. Personnel were available to support operations anytime, day or night, if the need arose. All SOI systems administrators had to complete and pass the NASA offered courses on system administration security on a regular basis.


Faculty Leadership


Ken Dolan, Operations Manager

Responsible for: reports, student assignments, SOI database, administrative records

Andrew Exner, Contract Manager
Responsible for: reports, student assignments, SOI database, administrative records (following Ken Dolan's retirement)

Professor Angela Walters, Technology Manager

Responsible for: teaching, team leadership, software configuration, mission assurance

Assistant Professor Alex Antunes
Responsible for: teaching, mentoring, grants, new missions


Assisting Faculty


Professor Ashit Sanyal
Professor of Practice and resident faculty expert in astronomy. Prior to his retirement, he led the effort to construct an observatory at Capitol Technology University, and also supported the efforts to develop a master’s degree program in astronautical engineering and achieve ABET accreditation for the undergraduate AE program.

Professor Chuck Conner
Professor, who served as a technical consultant for SOI students working on development projects.


NASA Leadership


Ed Macie, NASA
Mission Manager and Technical Officer

Astronautical Engineering Advisory Board