Employer Resources

We appreciate your interest in recruiting students, recent graduates, and alumni of Capitol Technology University. You will join a proud community of businesses who have hired our students. It is important to the Office of Career Services that we tailor a plan to best meet your recruitment needs.

We have several different options for promoting your company’s brand awareness on campus.


  • We suggest that all of our employers create an account and post positions to our Online Job Board.
  • You can access our Online Résumé book through our Online Job Board, where you can see the résumés for students actively searching for available positions. Currently, we are in the process of growing that résumé book, so there should be an increase of available student/alumni résumés in the next few months. Once you’ve created an account, just send a quick email to careers@captechu.edu to request access to the online résumé book.
    • This service is not available to Third Party Recruiters.
  • I would be happy to post positions to our LinkedIn group. Once the position is posted to our Online Job Board, just send a quick email to careers@captechu.edu requesting it to be featured in our LinkedIn group for current students and alumni seeking opportunities.
  • We can host a Google Hangout session or Adobe Connect session and invite our students to engage with recruiters/employers online.

In Person

  • We host our annual Career Fair during the spring semester, where we invite employers to host booths on-campus to meet our students.  All of our students are required to attend this event.
  • We are also willing to create an event on-campus to meet your needs.  In the past, we have hosted information sessions, workshops, and meals with students and employers for these two parties to get a chance to meet each other.

If you would like to request additional information or have any questions, please email careers@captechu.edu or call 240.965.2494.