Student Services

Career Counseling

Students may set up career counseling sessions on-campus to get help with academic or vocational choices. Contact Career Services at, for more information. Students seeking internship positions should contact Career Services during their sophomore year. Undergraduate students seeking full-time employment upon graduation should contact Career Services during their junior year. Graduate students should contact the office six to nine months prior to completing their program.

Resume Preparation

If you do not have a current resume, make an appointment with Career Services to get started. Staff will work closely with you to evaluate your academic performance and previous experience. After this initial consultation, you will have an outline of a resume. You can then compose a draft resume and continue making revisions until a final resume is complete. Both OptimalResumeTM and the Capitol Online Job Board are excellent resources to help you with this process.

Interview Preparation

Career Services staff can help you to prepare for job interviews by providing you with possible interview questions, suggesting materials to bring and offering you other tips for a successful interview experience. We also can conduct Mock Interviews in-person, over the phone, or online. Contact Career Services to set up an appointment.

Career Mentor Program

The Career Mentor Program launched in the fall of 2012. It’s offered through a partnership of the Career Services Office, Alumni Association and ISSA-NOVA. It aims to provide students with the opportunity to develop a one-on-one mentor relationship with a professional in a career field compatible to the student’s degree focus. During the academic year, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn to set priorities and develop a professional profile
  • Explore career options within chosen degree focus
  • Identify professional networking contacts
  • Identify strengths and areas of improvement

The application and interview process is made available each spring for students interested in participating.