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Craig Johnson


  • BA Police Science and Administration from California State at Sacramento
  • MS Criminal Justice and Public Administration from California State University at Sacramento
  • MA (equivalent) Strategic Studies from United States Army War College
  • Ph.D. Educational Leadership from University of Phoenix

Classes: In addition to constructing much of the Doctorate’s curriculum, Johnson also teaches:

  • Fundamentals of Doctoral Learning
  • Professional Research Theory and Practice, Part II
  • Information Assurance Strategic Management
  • Information Assurance Consulting
  • Pedagogy and Information Assurance
  • Executive Awareness in Information Assurance

Teaching at Capitol since: 2000

Why did you first become a professor? I have always enjoyed teaching and have done something in the area of teaching and/or training part-time throughout my professional career. I enjoy engaging others with intellectual challenges and relish the activity of helping others grow with their learning.

My decision to obtain a doctorate late in my career was a defining moment, which expressed my commitment to a second career to focus on teaching.

What is your favorite part about teaching? My favorite part of teaching is to see learners achieve their objectives. Since being at Capitol College, I have missed the graduation ceremonies only twice. I can be seen sitting in the section with my fellow instructor colleagues with my Capitol College program opened to the listing of graduates and checking off the names of those students who have taken my classes. Seeing their names brings joy to my heart. Occasionally, I will have the opportunity to meet them personally. Viewing their happiness and joy validates my reasons for doing what I do.

Why Capitol? What makes it different? There is much to be said about a small college. The ability to truly relate with the learner is important. Capitol College is a special institution with a long, impressive history of learning and academic achievements. Capitol College is considered a small school when compared to some other institutions.

Yet, our alumni are sought for significant positions in industry. Alumni are viewed by many in industry as fine students and our college is also viewed as an institution worthy to attend. I also enjoy our reputation as an institution of integrity, caring, and as an institution that pursues excellence in education.

How has your career prior to teaching affected your teaching? How important has your experience been? I have taught in online configurations and conventional land-base orientations for a number of years. I enjoy both. I use techniques in both arenas that have complemented pedagogy for learners in both environments. The online formats can be challenging for some who do not have a good grasp of the online format. The curriculum must have a dimension that allows students to have interactive engagements; otherwise instruction will fail to obtain the objectives.

Capitol College's use of labs, ability to bring guest speakers to classes, and use of exhibits are complementary learning techniques that are unique at Capitol College. Capitol's use of active practitioners able to teach current practices to complement academic rigors is unique and distinguishes our college from others. Finally, my career has allowed for those exemplars that I spoke of earlier that are used elements to kindle those interactive engagements students need to compare and contrast learning objectives.

  What are some of your proudest academic/professional achievements? Obtaining the doctorate was a proud moment for me and my family. We made great sacrifices to achieve the degree and I often refer to it as "our degree" because my spouse and family were my rock during that entire journey.

I am also proud of the achievements I have made in my career. I have met and worked with some outstanding professionals where we were fortunate to achieve important milestones. With regard to professional achievements, having family, college classmates, former professors, former athletic coaches, and colleagues attend my retirement ceremony at CIA to receive the Central Intelligence Agency's Career Intelligence Medal (CIM), awarded for sustainment of superior performance over a career, was one of my proudest professional achievements. The award allowed for a reciting of those achievements over a career. Many of the achievements were formerly classified and not known but were declassified for the ceremony. Many attending the ceremony heard of those achievements for the first time. I was very proud to have received the recognition.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of work? What is something your students might not know about you? I enjoy reading history, writing and coaching youth sports such as basketball or football. One day I will let every thing go and do nothing but begin to practice and play that Yamaha acoustic guitar that I have had for over four years, which sits on a stand in my library. I promise I will do that one day soon!