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George “Buck” Hoffman


  • BS Engineering Technology from Clemson University
  • MS Systems Management from Capitol Technology University (formerly Capitol College)
  • Currently pursuing DBA at Northcentral University

Currently Teaching:

  • Managing Information Systems
  • Business Data Communications and Networking
  • Decision Support and Expert Systems

Teaching at Capitol since: 1995

Why did you first become a professor?I never thought I’d care to teach. I really used to hate being in front of a crowd. But after I got my master’s from Capitol, I was blown away by what I had learned through the program. I went to the academic dean at the time and told him if he ever needed anybody to teach, give me a call and I’d try it out. Sure enough, three weeks later I got the call.

What is your favorite part about teaching?My favorite part is watching a student go from not knowing anything about a subject, to writing a paper and grasping the fundamentals of the subject and applying them to real problems. And that’s something that happens all the time. It gives me a real charge.

Why Capitol? What makes it different?I first discovered Capitol in 1988 or 1989, and an MIT engineer I knew at the time knew that I was looking for a graduate program. He said “[Y]ou ought to check out Capitol. They have a lot of high-powered professors who are experienced in the industry.”

When I started attending the school I fell in love with the students and the close-knit community. I don’t want to overuse the term “family” when talking about a school, but it really feels like one there. It’s been over 20 years since I started there, but every time I go back it’s like going home.

How has your career before teaching affected your teaching career? I am a former army officer and then became a defense and government contractor, doing the same kind of thing I was doing in the army. I wanted to stay in the same field, and by teaching I can affect more people in a classroom than I would be able to if I was just dealing with clients.

What are some of your proudest academic and professional accomplishments?Walking across the graduation stage at Capitol has been my proudest academic moment. I think getting my DBA will be up there too.

Personally, my family and watching my kids grow up and go to college. Seeing my son want to get his master’s degree and become a teacher as well, without any prompting from me, makes me very proud.

I’d have to say that professionally, helping to make a change to how certain military units execute convoy control is up there. The 9th infantry unit out of Fort Louis, Wash., used to use SM radios, but there were too many problems with the signal being lost over mountain ranges and things like that. We made a change to start using HF or High Frequency radios, which is still used in places today.

What are some of your hobbies or interests outside of work? What is something your students might not know about you?I ride motorcycles for recreation and my motorcycle is also my primary method of transportation. Also, I make folding and fixed-blade knives as a hobby. Some of them I sell, but most of them end up hanging on my wall as part of my collection.