Summer 2018 at Capitol

June 18-22, July 9-13, July 30-August 3, August 6-10

Cyber -- Coding -- Gaming
Summer Camps with a Difference!

Are you a high school student making plans for your summer? How would you like to spend part of that time learning how to detect cyberattacks and foil those who try to carry them out?

This summer, Capitol Technology University is offering week-long camp experience sfor high schoolers in grades 9-12 with an interest in cyber. Both camps will be held on the Capitol campus in Laurel, MD. During these unique camps, you'll learn skills that will give you a strong start in one of today's highest-demand fields. You'll have fun and make friends along the way.

Basic Student Cyber Camp June 18-22

Capitol Technology University will provide 24 high school students a fun safe, and non-residential Student Camp experience that provides cybersecurity education based on the Cybersecurity First Principles and the pillars of cybersecurity. The stated overall goal of the Student Camp is to support the growth of the next generation of cybersecurity experts for the nation. First, this goal will be met by increasing interest in cybersecurity and diversity in the cybersecurity workforce of the Nation. Second, by helping all students understand correct and safe on-line behavior. Third, by improving teaching methods and cybersecurity content for K-12 curricula. Capitol has designed this safe non-residential Student Camp experience to address each of these goals in a meaningful way. Students will leave the camp with advanced skills, an excitement for a career in cybersecurity and the ability to share their knowledge with other students and their teachers when they return to their High Schools. This Student Camp is targeted for students at all skill levels. Students will learn cybersecurity principles through the use of Raspberry Pi’s, Linux, Drones, and IoT devices and a visit to the National Cryptologic Museum.

Cost: $400.00

Advanced Student Cyber Camp Jul 9-13

Capitol Technology University will provide a Student Advanced Camp which will provide advanced cybersecurity education based on Cybersecurity First Principles. The Advanced Cyber Camp will target the enrollment of high School students who already have a firm grasp of operating systems, programming and networking. The fundamental concepts of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability provide a framework for application of First Principles including Domain Separation, Process Isolation, Resource Encapsulation, Modularity, Least Privilege, Abstraction, Layering, Data Hiding, and Ethical Behavior. Students will learn cybersecurity principles through the use of security operations center experience, Raspberry Pi’s, Linux, digital forensics and more advanced topics such as incident response, detecting malicious software, Blockchain and a visit to a local cyber response center.

Cost: $450.00

Coding Camp Jul 30-August 3

Coding is a big part of our world today. Whether you want to be a professional programmer or just want to pick up a few skills, Capitol Technology University's Python camp is right for you!

Through fun, interactive, hands-on exercises using Python on a Raspberry Pi, you will learn the basics of programming using Python and how to build a functioning program on a small form-factor module like the Pi.  By the end of camp, you will be able to create new Python apps.  From there, the sky is the limit!   Instructor: Sandy Antunes.

Cost: $450

Gaming Camp Aug 6-10

Ever wonder why poker, Settlers of Catan, or even Overwatch are so popular?  Learn how to design a standalone game that is balanced, playable and has that intangible of 'fun'!  Focusing on game theory and tabletop gameplay without using computers, you'll learn the core aspects of game design.  Topics include history of games, player psychology, mathematical game theory, topology, statistics, multiplayer interactions, and art and aesthetics.   Each student will take their concept from idea to creating their choice of a tabletop game or a paper prototype for a future marketable game.  Students will play games, mod games, break games, then design games! Instructor: Sandy Antunes.

Cost: $400

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