On Campus Facilities

The Capitol Technology University campus offers impressive educational facilities, intimate classroom settings, and the latest technology in engineering, computer sciences, information technologies and business programs in our labs. Our facilities serve faculty, staff and students alike, and several areas are available for public use.

Here are just a few points of interest on campus:

Cyber Lab

At the Cyber Laboratory hacker attacks are simulated, detected, analyzed and defeated by Capitol students. The lab provides hands-on learning experience that increases the cybersecurity knowledge of undergraduate and graduate students.

Space Operations Institute

The Space Operations Institute (SOI), established at Capitol Technology University in 2002, is a consortium of NASA, industry, government and education partners. At the SOI, students manage satellite operations with an educational program that prepares them for careers in all aspects of space mission operations.

Business Resource Center

Capitol Technology University’s Business Resource Center offers students state-of-the-art technology to thrive in the global economy. The Business Resource Center is the perfect atmosphere for technology classes, or extracurricular studying.

Electronics and Engineering Labs

In these two large laboratories, students find the same equipment they’ll find in real-world industry: sweep oscillators, function generators, spectrum analyzers, curve tracers, data communication test sets, digital testers and logic analyzers. Open six days a week, these labs also feature a digital signal procession application and development system, a computer automated testing and prototyping center, a Motorola 68HCxx series board development system, a PLD development workstation, engineering workstations, xLink development boards and circuit simulation facilities.

Networking Lab

The Networking Lab is perfect for students to hone their technical education during class and in free time. In the lab, students learn computer repair, how to design and build networks, critical infrastructure protection, and aspects of switching and routing. Some courses are taught in the lab, including computer engineering, computer engineering technology and software engineering technology. The hands-on experience students gain during and after class ensures they are ready for real-world positions in the workforce.

Campus Center

The Campus Center, located on the ground level of MA/COM Hall, is the hub of student activity on campus. It offers a variety of amenities to meet students' recreational and dining needs, including:

Lounge area
Ping pong and pool tables
Projection TV/Video
Student mailboxes

Puente Library

The John G. and Beverly A. Puente Library houses a collection of more than 10,000 books, audio/video selections and periodicals. Networked study areas allow you to use laptop computers, calculators and other electronic aids. Additionally, each workstation has software that supports classes, access to the internet, the Library's Online Public Access Catalog and our Virtual Library.

Avrum Gudelsky Auditorium

The Avrum Gudelsky Auditorium seats 325 and is adjacent to Telecommunications Hall. Capitol hosts various campus events in the auditorium, including campus lectures and the honors convocation. Capitol offers its auditorium to many organizations and is available for rent.

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