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Alumni Testimonials

Here is what Capitol alumni have to say about their experience:

Undergraduate Student, Computer Engineering Technology, 2001

I had friends at other local colleges bragging about how easy college was. I was the opposite. I complained about how hard college was. Capitol College pushed me to the edge, towards my potential, and then asked me to turn around, go back, and do it again. My good grades (including making the Dean's List several times) wasn't passed out to me because I was the next letter in the alphabet and I attended all my lectures and did all my homework; they were presented to me as a reward for giving my assignments and labs everything I had, and then some, even when I felt like I had nothing more to give. Fifteen years, later I thank Capitol College for preparing me with the ironclad determination that they knew would be needed for my successful, fun, and amazing journey in my very progressive career in IT.

Graduate Student, Electrical Engineering, 2015

Although the Program was entirely Online it was rather challenging. I had to spend many a night studying and doing assignments. The Professors were rather responsive to your question even if they were presented after class hours. As far as the administrative and financial aspects were concerned they were all seamless. The tuition was affordable. Overall it was a rather good experience.

Graduate Student, Information Assurance, 2008

Capitol has given me a competitive advantage that I'm not sure I could have got anywhere else. I learned so much in their Master's program and combined with having it on my resume has put me light years ahead of the competition. My focus has been on the writing side of cyber security projects and Capitol helped me solidify that. I would not be where I am today, career wise if it was not for their online Master's program in Cyber Security. Good job Capitol and all of the working professors who make the program a true success.

Graduate Student, Network Security, 2008 (and current DSc Cybersecurity Student)

I distinctly recall my first graduate course with Capitol Technology University (at the time it was known as Capitol College).  The professor introduced himself and proceeded to tell a “war” story about his first-hand experience.  He was one of the lawyers who litigated one of the biggest technology antitrust cases involving Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser of the late 90’s.   My immediate reaction was “ok, this guy is the real deal and he’s not going to deluge us with just theory alone”.  My perception was correct and the remainder of my studies at Capitol was no different.  I graduated in 2008 with a MS in Network Security and certainly cherished my time at Capitol.  Last year, I decided to pursue a Doctorate and thankfully, I was accepted to Capitol Technology University’s Doctoral Program in Cybersecurity. The decision to go back to Capitol was an easy one given the quality of instruction I experienced at the graduate level.

I’m fortunate to have a successful career in my area of expertise which is Information Assurance, also known as Cybersecurity.  Over the years, I’ve managed to work in both private and government industries.  I now work in one of the largest civil U.S. Government agencies, with a team of Information Assurance professionals responsible for the mitigation of vulnerabilities on a scale that I could not have envisioned more than 5 years ago.  I’m also President of M-Trust Defense Cybersecurity Services and more recently was hired as an Adjunct Professor in the undergraduate Cybersecurity program for the University of MD system.  It’s indeed many hats but many of the opportunities would not have been forthcoming had I not chose Capitol College as my “home”.

I arrived at this juncture of my career through humble beginnings, growing up in the projects of NYC’s Spanish Harlem.  My parents instilled in me the importance of education, a lifelong lesson that I still hold dear to my heart.  My accomplishments would not have been possible without them nor would they be possible without the many colleagues that have been my mentors and confidants over the last decade.  Lastly, I certainly would not be here without my loving wife Erin, who has supported me in all of my educational pursuits and career goals.

I look forward to the years ahead, but I certainly know they will be challenging.  I'm proud to be both an alumnus and current student of Capitol Technology University!

Graduate Student, Information Assurance, 2015

I was first attracted to Capitol Technology University because of the reviews I read regarding being very hands on, not just theory. I'm glad I went through the program because I literally enjoyed every course in the MS in Information Assurance program. The professors really focus on real-world case scenarios and getting you ready for certifications, which I'm still grateful to have. The hands on process has helped me advance in my career. Immediately upon graduating, I was able to ramp up my own consulting firm focusing on Information Assurance and SEO Digital Marketing. I would recommend CapTechU to anyone looking to advance their careers.

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