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Capitol Institute for Student Success

Capitol Technology University is committed to helping each student achieve his or her goal of attaining a bachelor’s degree. This commitment lead to the development of the Right START Planning Day and Capitol Institute for Student Success (CISS).

Getting the Right START from the Start

Success in college is largely dependent upon the experiences each student has before he or she registers for the first class. That is why Capitol Technology University instituted the Right START Planning Day. Early in May, each admitted and deposited student will be invited to spend a Saturday at Capitol Technology University to learn more about what his or her start at college will look like. On Right START Planning Day students will take placement exams and receive academic and financial advising.

Right START Planning Day

The day starts with placement exams. This is a great time to take a placement exam because students are still actively engaged in high school classes and have not forgotten the important skills learned in high school. This will reduce the likelihood that a student who knows their stuff is placed in remedial classes just because they needed a little brush up.

During afternoon academic advising sessions, an advisor will discuss the student’s academic goals and placement scores. In addition, the advisor will work with each student to develop a plan of summer activities the student will engage in to ensure he or she is prepared for a successful first year. The advisor will also introduce students and families to the CISS and  recommend a program that will meet the student’s needs.

In addition to academic advising, each student and family will meet with a financial aid advisor to review the aid package he or she has been awarded and discuss any concerns the student or his or her family has about financing a Capitol Technology University education. The financial aid advisor will assist each student in developing an action plan, if necessary, to ensure that the funding for a Capitol Technology University education is in place before the first day of classes.

The Capitol Institute for Student Student Success (CISS)

Capitol Technology University has developed the Institute for Student Success because evidence shows that students who earn summer credits, complete college level math and earn at least 20 credits in their first year are more likely to graduate. The CISS gives students a head start on accomplishing these goals. All students who participate in a CISS program will have the opportunity to earn between 3 and 7 credits while improving their math abilities.

Each CISS is three weeks long. During this time, students will have the opportunity to focus on key areas for success. The intensive nature of these summer sessions allows both the students and the faculty to focus on individual achievement in key areas. Students will live in the residence halls during these sessions and each apartment will have an upper class mentor to guide students in study sessions and the living environment.