Innovation and Leadership Institute

With the replacement rate of technical leaders in government and industry positions reaching as high as 20 percent in the next five years, the United States could be facing a national crisis, an urgent need to develop the next generation of leaders in technology fields who can help to sustain the nation’s lead in technical innovation. As a college dedicated to educating today’s engineers, business leaders, and computer scientists, Capitol has anticipated this national need by establishing the Innovation and Leadership Institute.

Mission and Vision

With a mission to respond to both the regional and national need for developing students with the technical leadership skills for careers in private industry and government, the Innovation and Leadership Institute draws upon the resources of the Schools of Business and Information Science and Engineering to act as an interactive forum for actively studying the current challenges of the national technical workforce and developing state of the art programs for both the professional enlightenment and instruction of our nation’s technical leaders.

By hosting government and business leaders to teach and mentor students, fostering a climate for innovation and leadership development, offering cutting-edge degree and certificate programs, and bringing together the most influential minds in engineering, information assurance, computer science and business, the ILI will achieve its vision of educating Capitol graduates who have the experience and knowledge needed to succeed and flourish in our global economy.

To enhance the academic curricula and provide an extraordinary education that prepares students to become future innovation leaders, the ILI will:

  • Engage the college and local communities by hosting the President’s Forum, a series of speaking events and lectures given quarterly on campus by distinguished speakers and panelists to share insights on innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and advances in a multitude of science-related disciplines. In addition, the ILI hosts a speaker series to enrich the college learning community. Speakers engage Capitol students by presenting unique topics and encouraging the audience to participate and ask questions.

  • Collaborate with government and business leaders, as well as with the many outstanding regional business and government agencies.Contribute to the ongoing academic discussion by publishing best practices emerging from business, industry and government regarding technology development, application and protection.

  • Encourage others to participate in various programs and activities through which the college can advance the STEM fields, build the technical skills of young people and motivate them to succeed as leaders in STEM careers.

ILI Book Series

Capitol Technology University established the ILI to respond to the regional and national needs for developing students with the technical leadership skills neccessary for a successful career in private industry, government and the nonprofit sector. This three-book series is being published to serve as a resource in fulfilling one of the ILI's goals of contributing to the ongoing academic discussion of best practices in the emerging field of innovative leadership.

Perspectives on Leadership Education: Strategies for Leading and Innovation
Edited by Michael G. Gibbs and Helen G. Barker
ISBN: 978-0-9845796-0-0

Available Now!

Telecommunications Pioneers
Written by Michael T. Wood
ISBN:  978-0-9845796-1-7

Discussions Leadership of Theory and PracticeEdited by Michael G. Gibbs and Helen G. BarkerISBN:  978-0-9845796-2-4


Available Now!


For additional information, contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at or 301-369-2800.

Leadership Advisory Council

The Leadership Advisory Council is made up of proven leaders in the business community.  The council advises the college regarding the ILI's strategic direction and assists in implementing the ILI's mission.

If you are interested in partnering with the ILI, please contact:

Dr. Vic Maconachy

Vice President for Academic Affairs


Dr. Maconachy serves as co-director for the ILI.