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Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Critical Infrastructures and Cyber Protection Center (CICPC) at Capitol Technology University, where the technical and managerial needs of the nation’s homeland security workforce are addressed through specialized course and certificate bearing programs. Are you and your colleagues staying current with the latest developments in your field? Could this jeopardize your organizational effectiveness? What about market share? Are you effectively leveraging your available resources to compete? The CICPC can help. Here’s how.

First, we invite professionals from the fields of cyber security, cyber intelligence, and/or homeland security to review our course offerings to gain a better understanding of how CICPC workforce education can help you and your colleagues more effectively achieve organizational goals:

Masters level certificates:

Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigations
Industrial Control Systems – SCADA Security
Health Care Systems Security
Secure Cloud Computing
Secure Mobile Technology
Secure Software Development
Secure Access and Identity Management
Cyber Network Operations
Information Systems Security Engineers (ISSE)

Bachelor level certificates:                               

Digital Forensics and Mobile Device Security   
Computer and Network Security                     
Computer Network Operations                       
Cloud Computing and Data Center Design and Security

Cyber Saturdays

Cyber Saturdays -- designed to build awareness about the cybersecurity profession -- are held regularly during the school year. Click here for dates and registration.


Second, in partnership with industry Capitol Technology University has established cyber labs focused on education, competitions, research, product development and evaluation. The following labs are available for your unique needs:


Third, we encourage industry and government agencies to take advantage of CICPC resources that can help you identify and consider hiring student(s) seeking part-time jobs, internships, and/or summer co-ops. Given the current economic realities recent graduates face, there are many current students who are hungry to take advantage of opportunities to gain practical on-the-job experience. Does reducing your employment costs sound attractive? Provide job description(s) and we will seek qualified students for your consideration.

  • Student Labor / Internships / Co-Ops—hire our students

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William Butler

Director, Critical Infrastructures and Cyber Protection Center


whbutler {at}

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