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Quantum Computing and Cryptography Research Lab

So long bits. Hello qubits. The Quantum Computing and Cryptology Research Lab seeks to coordinate quantum computing and cryptology research at Capitol Technology University, stimulating meaningful exchange between faculty, students, and community partners. The lab provides modern computing facilities and software to allow students to explore and conduct research in the growing field. 

Current Research Topics

  • Comparative Study of Machine Learning Algorithms in Traditional Programming Languages vs Quantum Programming Tools
  • Lattice-Based Algorithms for Post-Quantum Computing
  • Impact of Quantum Computing on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Quantum Information Theory

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Chuck Easttom, D.Sc., IEEE Senior Member
Director of the Quantum Computing and Cryptography Research Lab

William Butler, D.Sc.
Cybersecurity Department Chair

Rick Hansen, CISSP

Graduate Students

Aaron Kemp
Dissertation Topic: Multivariate Cryptography as a Post Quantum Computing Solution