Senior Class Gift

One of the long standing traditions at Capitol Technology University is for the graduating class to leave a gift of significance for following classes in the form of the Senior Class Gift.  Previous classes have joined together to provide gifts such as a tree garden, paving stones, cyber lounge, paintings, TVs, signage, and several other significant gifts.  This year’s Senior Class Gift will support renovations under the breezeway between MCI Hall and MA/COM Hall.  The Capitol Technology University logo will be embossed in concrete and a plaque will be set into the ground recognizing the support received by the Class of 2012.  With 100% participation from the Senior Class we plan to raise $1,000.  Regardless of the monetary size of the gift, we truly appreciate the support of each member of the Senior Class.   

Thank you for your support!

Jon Blake & Ashley Scott 2012 Senior Class Gift Co-chairs