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Cap Tech Talks: Plugged-in

Cap Tech Talks Plugged In Webinar Series


Capitol Technology University is pleased to offer a new series of webinars specifically designed for high school and community college transfer students. These are presented by students, faculty, alumni, and recent graduates. The series, called Cap Tech Talks Plugged-in, is presented monthly during the Fall 2020 semester. Please join us!

On Demand

Balancing Student and Professional Life: Working in the Digital Forensics and Cyber Battle Labs

Presented By Taylor Ownbey

Capitol Technology University Disc Golf Course Companion Application

Presented By Leif Heaney

Session 1: Capitol Technology University: A History of Student Innovation

Presented By Dr. Vijayanand “Vijay” Kowtha

Session 2: PiMars Robot Mechanical Systems

Presented By Dr. Vijayanand “Vijay” Kowtha

Session 3: PiMars Robot Sensors and Systems Engineering

Presented By Dr. Vijayanand “Vijay” Kowtha

Session 4: PiMars Robot Programming and Visualization

Presented By Dr. Vijayanand “Vijay” Kowtha

Why is the Sky Blue?

Presented By Dr. Ian McAndrew

The Future of Unmanned Autonomous Systems

Presented By Anh Ho