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Session 1: Capitol Technology University: A History of Student Innovation

Cap Tech Talks Plugged In Webinar Series

This session is the first in a series of four webinars presented in October (Oct. 2, 9, 23, and 30) that will teach you how to design, build and compete with a PiMars Robot using a Raspberry Pi.   Upon successful completion of the four sessions (watched live or On Demand), you will earn a “Robotics Project Certificate” and be eligible to enter your robot in virtual competition later this fall.   In this first session Dr. Vijay Kowtha and current CapTechU students will share the rich history of Capitol Technology University’s involvement with STEM-related student projects.  He will also discuss dealing with privacy, security, ethics, and lab notebooks…information you need to successfully design and build your PiMars Robot.

About the Presenter

Dr. Vijay Kowtha

Dr. Vijayanand “Vijay” Kowtha

Dr. Vijay Kowtha is a strong and visible leader in the support and encouragement of young people in their studies in Engineering and specifically in formulating areas of responsive research. After completing degrees in Applied Mathematics and Electrical Engineering from NYU and Rutgers he has been in federal research at the Office of Naval Research and Naval Research Laboratory. He has also been active with Sigma Xi and the Washington Academy of Sciences. Dr. Kowtha has judged in interdisciplinary science panels for Washington Academy of Sciences over the past twenty years.

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