Mission, Vision and Goals


The mission of Capitol Technology University is to educate individuals for professional opportunities in engineering, computer and information sciences, and business.  We provide relevant learning experiences that lead to success in the evolving global community.


In 2025, in accordance with the Mission Statement, Capitol Technology University will be seen by its constituents and by the public as:

A STEM focused institution of higher education, providing undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering, information sciences, and technology leadership, that has flexibility and opportunities to grow, and that adapts offerings to emerging workforce needs.

A provider of hands-on, career-relevant learning that is conducted in an interdisciplinary and interactive environment, where faculty and staff support student achievement and success.

A university that delivers programs of similarly outstanding quality through face-to-face and virtual classrooms, and other forms and mixtures of teaching methods that align with the learning needs of our students.

An organization with faculty and leadership who stimulate and implement new curricula, research and entrepreneurial activities for the professions we serve, and that benefit a diverse community of learners.

An organization that is closely linked to its constituency of local, regional and national partners in business, government, non-profits, and professions that provide influence for future technology development and policies.

An organization that engages the global community, through educating international students, coordinating with educators, and supporting multinational professional associations.

A university that develops graduates with communications, analysis and critical thinking skills that allow them to be successful in a global environment and pursue lifelong learning as technical professionals, leaders and innovators.

A university that prepares graduates for jobs and careers, and that serves the broader purpose of education to address national needs-based policies through scientific consideration.

An organization appropriately sized for quality education and financial viability, with sustainable assets for faculty and staff to provide a best-value STEM education.


The core values are the characteristics we embrace in working together to fulfill the mission and achieve the vision of the institution.

  • Quality - always striving for continuous improvement
  • Growth - expanding and changing to meet new needs of society
  • Leadership - offering creative, supportive and shared leadership
  • Balance - maintaining a balance between competing needs
  • Integrity - being honest, ethical and open
  • Teamwork - exercising collective effort to support students and staff
  • Communications - providing timely and useful information
  • Flexibility - discovering and seizing opportunities
  • Safety - maintaining awareness and prevention of accidents and threats

Learning Goals

Capitol Technology University seeks to prepare graduates who demonstrate four characteristics:

  • Employability: The ability to enter and advance in technical and managerial careers, appropriate to their level and area of study, immediately upon graduation.
  • Communications: Mastery of traditional and technological techniques of communicating ideas effectively and persuasively.
  • Preparation of the Mind: The broad intellectual grounding in technical and general subjects required to embrace future technical and managerial opportunities with success.
  • Professionalism: Commitment to life long learning, ethical practice and participation in professions and communities.

Strategic Goals

Capitol Technology University has identified five strategic goals that will move us to the next level of excellence and support the vision.  These goals focus on the key areas for growth that are both organic in sustaining our educational niche, and transformational in reaching out in new directions. 

Goal I.   Elevate Education and Academic Quality

Capitol Technology University is an institution that offers career-relevant curricula with quality learning outcomes.  The strategy includes continuing to expand educational offerings at higher levels of degree attainment, increasing program completion, and raising learner qualifications and outcomes. The 52-acre campus will be built-out to accommodate future growth in volume and diversity of educational programs and student services.

Goal II.   Expand Enrollment and Reputation

Capitol will accelerate its goal pursuit to become more globally renowned and locally active through student, faculty and staff activities.  Enrollment will grow to 1,000 undergraduates, 400 masters’ students, 300 doctoral candidates, and 1,700 total students.

Goal III.  Diversify and Increase Financial Resources

Capitol will likely continue to be 80% financially dependent on student tuition and fees.  We plan to enhance our resources by expanding the range and amount of funding from other streams and aligning costs with strategic initiatives.  We will increase revenue from philanthropic and grant activities to $2.3M by 2020 and the restricted funds to $5.5M by 2021.

Goal IV.   Maintain Institutional Viability

Capitol Technology University is committed to providing relevant education in a high-quality learning environment.  The university continuously reviews the higher- education landscape to identify opportunities to revise and enhance the learning environment, both online and on campus. Capitol will develop and implement plans to ensure the sustainability of the organization.

Goal V.    Extend Our Family of Organizational Partners

Capitol’s service to our constituents and sources of financial viability both depend upon participation with continuing and new partner corporations, agencies, and schools.  We will increase the number and scope of partnerships through the following strategic initiatives: