Internet Engineering (MS)

Capitol’s online Internet Engineering (MSIE) program is a technically oriented program of study that favors students with experience in network administration, engineering or management. It is designed to fill the need for network professionals who know how to build new networks or migrate existing networks onto platforms based primarily on transmission control protocol/Internet protocol (TCP/IP) technology. The convergence of separate voice, data, message switch and video networks onto a single, network based platform using TCP/IP technology is not a fad and has been underway for several years. Technology advances are driving this trend, and have enabled quality telephone services from voice over-the-internet protocol, broadband services proliferation, and mobile access over wireline and wireless facilities. Small and large organizations alike must get more from their information technology (IT) dollars in order to remain competitive. Companies with existing full-featured networks functioning and in place are faced with either integrating their existing IT infrastructure onto a TCP/IP-based solution, or to discard their current IT infrastructure entirely and replace it with a new, TCP/IP-based network.

The 30-credit MSIE degree program prepares students to select the best alternatives from these two scenarios, and all permutations in between. Network reliability, survivability, and outage recovery design techniques are also featured in the program, as is the practical use and integration of wireless networks. Network security is taught and practiced throughout the curriculum.