Computer Science Bachelor's Degree

Earn a bachelor of science in Computer Science, use coding skills to solve society’s problems

Computers power the world. From how you communicate, shop and do your banking via a cellphone, to how scientists conduct weather forecasting, cancer research and so much more with supercomputers.

Our bachelor degree in computer science leads to a world of possibilities. Not only in the types of employment you can pursue, but in the variety of problems you can solve. This program teaches the fundamental computer science theory combined with a hands-on practicality. You’ll have the choice of concentrating your studies in cybersecurity, networking, systems programing or hardware.

Why Capitol?

Our location puts you in the heart of the action. The Baltimore/ Washington D.C. area has one of the largest concentrations of high-tech companies, defense contractors, and government agencies in the United States, making it easier to find internships and high-paying jobs.

Our classes are taught by working professionals. A field like computer science is constantly evolving, which makes our faculty extremely valuable since many are experts in the field.

Our motto, ‘find a way, or make one’ delivers job ready skills. Hands on classes, combined with extracurricular clubs like; League of Legends, the robotics club, and the gaming club help you hone the skills needed to excel in the workplace.

Capitol Tech special opportunities

  • Required capstone project where you’ll propose, design, build, test and deliver a computer-based system
  • Opportunity to work on multidisciplinary projects with students majoring in electrical engineering, cyber and information security, astronautical engineering and other students in our state-of-the-art Fusion Lab

Support for you

Whatever type of resource you need –a way to improve your math skills, a place to exercise, help with a job search or a disability – we have facilities and personnel ready to help.

Career opportunities

  • We offer the Capitol Commitment because we are positive you’ll get a job offer within 90 days of commencement. (See program details).
  • Your computer science bachelors degree prepares you for entry-level positions such as; software developer, network/system administrator, IT specialist, web programmer/web master and app/game developer
  • Last year, of the graduates who reported their employment data, 82 percent of our students had a job offer (or chose to go on to graduate school) within 90 days of commencement at competitive national salaries.
  • Computer science is a well-paying field; the average salary for a computer science bachelor degree graduate is $61,000

Key Faculty

Dr. Eric Sabbah, Computer Science Program Chair

Dr. Eric Sabbah earned his bachelor of science degree in computational mathematics from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, his master of science degree in computer science from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University (NYU), and his PhD in computer science from the Watson School of Engineering at Binghamton University.

His research interests involve wireless, embedded, and ad hoc systems as well as security and privacy. Recently, these interests have been applied to ubiquitous systems and medical monitoring.

Dr. Sabbah's industry experience includes work for large international corporations such as Bertelsmann and Bloomberg. His work in those environments involved multimedia content security and financial service applications respectively.


Follow this simple 6 step process to apply for admission to the Bachelor in Computer Science program.


  • The bachelor of science in computer science (BSCS) degree is a total of 120 credits, which covers engineering, computers and programing, technical courses, mathematics and sciences, English and social science courses
  • Click here for a course list

Tuition & Fees

  • The application fee is $25
  • Full-time tuition is $11,994 per semester, plus fees
  • The active duty military tuition rate is $250 per credit, plus fees
  • All full-time students who keep their student account current are promised their tuition will not increase more than 1% over four years
  • For the cost of living in one of Capitol Technology University's six residential facilities, click here.

Top Employers of Capitol Technology University BS Degree Graduates

  1. Department of Defense
  2. Federal/State Governments
  3. Honeywell Technology Solutions
  4. Lockheed Martin
  5. MEI Technologies

“Capitol has small class sizes, so the professors really have the ability to work one on one with students. For example, I’ve taken classes with Professor Andrew Mehri, and he knows my strengths and weaknesses in code.  That’s true of the faculty in general – there’s the ability to understand a student’s strengths and help them in areas where they need to build up their skills.”

--Ryan Brown, on track to graduate 2018, double major in BSCS/BSEET

Read Ryan’s full story here.

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