Degree Requirements (CS)

Bachelor of Science - 120 credits

Computers and Engineering Science - 39 Credits
CS-130 Intro to Programming Using Java3
CS-220 Database Management 3
CS-225 Intermediate Java Programming3
CS-230 Data Structures3
CS-310 Computer Algorithms 3
CS-316 Intelligent Systems 3
CS-330 iPhone Application Development OR CS-305 Android Application Development3
CS-405 Introduction to Software Design with UML3
CS-418 Operating Systems3
CT-152 Introduction to UNIX3
CT-376 Javascript3
CS-250 Intro to Net Programming with C OR CS-356 Dynamic Web Page Development ORCT-406 Web Programming Languages3
SE-458 Senior Project3
Technical Courses- 9 credits
EL-204 Digital Electronics3
EL-262 Microprocessors and Microassembly3
EE-364 Computer Architecture3
Computer Science Electives - 12 Credits
Computer Science Electives (4)*
Mathematics and Sciences - 30 Credits
MA-124 Discrete Mathematics3
MA-128 Introduction to Statistics3
MA-261 Calculus I4
MA-262 Calculus II4
MA-330 Linear Algebra3
MA-355 Numerical Analysis4
PH-201 General Physics I3
PH-202 General Physics II3
Science or Math Elective**3
English Communications - 9 credits
EN-101 English Communications I3
EN-102 English Communications II3
EN-408 Writing Seminar in Technical Research3
Humanities/Social Sciences - 21 Credits
HU-331 or HU-332 Arts and Ideas3
SS-272 Group Dynamics3
SS-351 Ethics3
Social Science Elective**3
Social Science/Management Elective**3
Humanities Electives (2)**6


*12 credits of computer, management, mathematics, or technical courses.

  1. NT-100, NT-150, CT-240, and IAE-201 are recommended for students interested in additional networking courses.
  2. CT-102, CT-201, CS-356, and CT-406 are recommended for students interested in constructing and maintaining websites.
  3. IAE-201, IAE-301, IAE-315, and IAE-325 are recommended for students interested in computer security.
**See appropriate department for approved list

Please check with an Academic Advisor to confirm degree requirements and program electives.