BS Degree Requirements (EET)

Bachelor of Science - 121 credits

Technical Courses - 54 credits
CS-150 Introduction to Programming Using C3
EE-304 Digital Design I3
EE-309 Circuit Design and Simulation3
EE-354 Digital Design II3
EE-362 Microcontroller System Design3
EE-409 Network Analysis & Synthesis3
EE-453 Control I 3
EE-458 Senior Project 3
EL-301 Advanced Communications Circuits and Systems3
EL-100 Introduction to DC/AC Circuits3
EL-150 DC/AC Circuits and Analysis3
EL-200 Electronic Devices and Circuits3
EL-204 Digital Electronics3
EL-212 Transmission Lines3
EL-250 Advanced Analog Circuits3
EL-261 Introduction to Communications Circuits and Systems3
EL-262 Microprocessors and Microassembly3
EL-307 Noise and Shielding3
Technical Elective3
Mathematics and Sciences - 34 credits
CH-120 Chemistry3
MA-112 Intermediate Algebra3
MA-114 Algebra and Trigonometry4
MA-261 Calculus I4
MA-262 Calculus II4
MA-263 Calculus III4
MA-340 Ordinary Differential Equations3
MA-345 Probability and Statistics Engineers3
PH-201 General Physics I3
PH-202 General Physics II3
English Communications - 9 credits
EN-101 English Communications I3
EN-102 English Communications II3
EN-408 Writing Seminar in Technical Research3
Humanities/Social Sciences - 18 credits
BUS-301 Project Management3
HU-331 or HU-332 Arts and Ideas3
SS-351 Ethics3
Humanities Electives (2)*6
Social Studies Elective3
General Electives - 3 credits
General Electives**3

*See approriate department for approved list.

**Any course may be taken to satisfy the general elective requirement.

Please check with an Academic Advisor to confirm degree requirements and program electives.