Degree Requirements (MCIT)

Bachelor of Science - 121-122 credits

Business Foundations - 21 credits
BUS-174 Introduction to Business and Management3
BUS-200 Business Communications3
BUS-270 Financial Accounting I3
BUS-280 Macroeconomics or BUS-281 Microeconomics3
BUS-372 Financial Management3
BUS-375 Human Resource Management3
BUS-400 Research Methods3
Business Administration - 21 Credits
BUS-208 Internet and the Law3
BUS-279 Introduction to Leadership3
BUS-301 Project Management3
BUS-386 Organizational Theory and Behavior3
BUS-410 Strategic Management3
BUS-454 International Business3
BUS-458 Senior Project3
Information Technology - 34 credits
BUS-250 Database for Managers3
BUS-362 Information Systems for Managers3
CS-130 Computer Science Fundamentals I4
CS-150 Introduction to Programming Using C3
CT-152 Introduction to Unix3
IAE-201 Introduction to Information Assurance Concepts3
IAE-301 Comprehensive Computer and Network Security*3
IAE-315 Secure Systems Administration and Operation*3
IAE-402 Introduction to Incident Handling and Malicious Code*3
TC-110 Introduction to Telecommunications3
General Electives - 9 credits
General Electives (3)**9
Mathematics and Sciences - 9 Credits
MA-110 Business Math I3
MA-111 Business Math II3
MA-128 Introduction to Statistics3
Science Elective***3
English Communications - 9 Credits
EN-101 English Communications I3
EN-102 English Communications II3
EN-408 Writing Seminar in Technical Research3
Humanities and Social Sciences - 19 Credits
FS-100 Freshman Seminar1
HU-331or HU-332 Arts and Ideas3
SS-351 Ethics3
Humanities Electives (2)***6
Social Science Electives (2)***6


*Offered online only.

**Any course may be taken to satisfy the general elective requirement.

***See appropriate department for approved list.

Please check with an Academic Advisor to confirm degree requirements and program electives.