Posted by raherschbach on 30 May 2017

With cyber threats increasing both in variety and volume, the need for building up the cybersecurity workforce through education and training has never been greater. Capitol is getting the word out about the university’s cutting edge cybersecurity programs by participating in key industry events, such as this year’s National Cyber Summit in Huntsville, Alabama.

Organizers describe the event, to be held from June 6-8, as “the preeminent event for cyber training, education and workforce development aimed at protecting our nation’s infrastructure from the ever-evolving cyber threat.” It is expected to draw thousands of attendees, including representatives of the healthcare, automotive, and energy as well as the Department of Defense and other federal agencies.

“The event features educational training sessions, technical and management presentations, and keynote addresses from world-class speakers in the field of cybersecurity,” director of graduate admissions Xavier Richards said. “It’s an opportunity for Capitol to engage individuals within that arena, and to showcase what we have to offer as an NSA and DHS-designated Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) in cybersecurity education.”

“Capitol was invited to this event specifically because of our CAE designation,” Richards said. “Having that CAE designation is very significant. It’s the gold standard for academic programs in the field.”

“Students look for the CAE designation when they are considering their choice of schools, because they know it will unlock greater opportunities for them. They know the level of education they receive will be more reflective of emerging trends and the current standards, and that they will be taught by the very best,” Richards said.

Capitol Technology University offers bachelor's and master's degrees in Cyber and Information Security as well as a doctorate in cybersecurity. Numerous post-baccalaureate certificate programs are also available, including in Digital Forensics and Incident Handling, Information Assurance Administration, Network Protection, Secure Cloud Computing, Secure Mobile Technology, Secure Software Development and Security Management. The doctoral program in cybersecurity, launched in 2010, was one of the first of its kind in the nation.

The university received its initial CAE designation in 2003, and was re-designated in 2009. In 2014, Capitol received a further re-designation until 2021.

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