Posted by raherschbach on 17 Jul 2017

Capitol Technology University has two job fairs planned for the 2017-18 school year, to be held on September 26 and again on February 16. Employers who register early for both fairs will receive a significant discount.

The events offer businesses and organizations a key opportunity to meet with potential hires in business, engineering, and technology fields. Students attending the fair represent majors such as astronautical engineering, business administration, computer science, cyber and information security, electrical engineering, mobile computing and game programming, software engineering, and web development, among other programs.

Capitol’s job fairs are particularly valuable because of the university’s strong track record in educating students for current workforce needs, said Sarah Alspaw, Associate Director of Career Services.

“We’re ABET-accredited in engineering and designated by the NSA and the DHS as a Center for Excellence in cybersecurity education,” Alspaw said. “We have highly qualified talent here. Moreover, our educational philosophy is to prepare students for the tasks and challenges they will encounter on the job. Our students gain hands-on experience in labs; by the second week of classes they’re actively engaged in applying what they learn to real-time situations.”

“Many Capitol students are already employed by the time they reach their senior year, so we really encourage employers to meet our students early – as early as freshman year. We also encourage them to build a brand on campus, build interest among students in working for your company, and let students know what you’re looking for,” Alspaw said. “For example, if students know you’re looking for a specific programming language, they’ll tailor their electives so they can gain experience with that language and be competitive for the positions you’re hiring for.

Registration fee for hiring organizations is $140 per event and includes a 6-foot skirted table, two chairs, refreshments, and lunch for up to four representatives. However, organizations that register for both fairs by August 1, 2017 receive a discounted price of $210 covering both events.

Don’t miss out on you chance to engage up-and-coming talent in today’s high-demand fields! To register, simply follow this URL and click the link that says Participant Registration. For more information, e-mail

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