Graduate Payment Options

Graduate Payment Options

Master's Tuition Payment Options

  • Full payment at the time of registration
  • Deferred payment plan
  • Financial Aid
  • VA Benefits
  • Employer sponsorship
  • Employer reimbursement

Deferred Payment Plan
Masters students are required to pay 50 percent of tuition upon registration. If tuition is not paid in full at the start of classes, students will be automatically enrolled in the deferred payment plan and assessed a $30 deferment fee. The remaining balance is due four weeks after classes begin. Nonpayment of tuition could result in cancellation of student registration.

Doctorate Tuition Payment Options

Other Important Information

Methods of Payment
Payments to the Business Office can be made online, through the mail, by phone or in person. The Business Office accepts sponsor tuition assistance, cash, personal checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  Checks should be made payable to Capitol Technology University and mailed to the attention of the Business Office. Credit card payments can be made online or by phone. The college also offers automatic credit card billing.

Tuition Refund
Capitol Technology University has a strict policy when it comes to refunded tuition. Find out more information about Capitol’s Tuition Refund Policy and the refund schedule.

Employee-sponsored Students
Sponsored students must submit tuition assistance paperwork in lieu of the first payment.

Employer  Reimbursed Students
Students who are reimbursed by an employer must submit authorization forms to the Business Office at the time of registration along with one third (1/3) of the tuition cost. Balance is due 10 days after classes end. Students who do not pay within 10 days will be subject to deferment fees and required to follow the standard payment options in the future. 

Financial Aid Recipients
All students who receive financial aid are required to pay the remaining balance in full or follow the appropriate deferred payment plan.  If funds have not been received by the college from a particular financial aid source, that amount will not be credited to the student’s account and cannot be provided to the student, even if notification of the award has been received.

Book Vouchers
All students receiving financial aid in excess of tuition, fees and on-campus housing charges may be considered for a book voucher.  The Business Office must receive all financial aid proceeds, including federal and private loans, for students to receive a book  voucher

For graduate account questions please contact Larissa Knoblett at 301.369.2318 or email