Graduate Admissions

You’ll appreciate the flexibility of our graduate programs before you even start.

As a master's student, you can apply — and be accepted — at any time. Courses are eight weeks long and are offered in six terms throughout the year. After filing an application, you can begin taking courses in the next term. Note, however, that there are deadlines for financial aid.

Why Capitol for Graduate Studies?

When you’re ready to take the next step in your education, Capitol Technology University is ready to help. We offer intensive, practical education in engineering, information sciences and business — the fields that are most in demand in today’s competitive global marketplace. Whether you plan to pursue a degree while you work or devote yourself to a program full-time, we can help you advance your career.

Career-enhancing degrees

Choose from seven online master's degree programs that combine excellent teaching, convenient access and reasonable cost.

Transfer Students

You are considered a transfer applicant at Capitol Technology University if you have enrolled in a college or university after receiving a high school diploma and have earned 15 credits or more.

However, if you have earned less than 15 credits, you are considered a first-time freshman.

Online Programs

You haven’t experienced the full potential of online learning until you see the way Capitol does it.

Graduate Courses

Capitol Technology University makes it possible for busy professionals to earn master’s degrees, doctorates, or technology-related certificates via live, fully interactive sessions. This innovative approach helped Capitol’s online graduate engineering programs earn high rankings in the U.S. News and World Report.