Disbursement Process

Most financial aid awards are prorated based on enrollment. Only courses taken for a grade count toward enrollment status (full-time, 3⁄4 time, half-time or less than full time). For graduate students, during the first week of the semester or term, the financial aid staff reviews the enrollment status for each financial aid recipients, makes any adjustments and disburses the funds to the student’s account. For undergraduate students, during Financial Aid Disbursement Week/Pell Census, the financial aid staff reviews the enrollment status of each financial aid recipient.

After adjustments are made, Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Maryland Part-Time Grants, Maryland Campus-Based Grants, Perkins Loans, and Institutional and Corporate and Foundation Scholarship awards are automatically disbursed to the student's account and on-campus housing costs.

Awards must be accepted and all requested documents, Master Promissory Notes, credit checks, Entrance Counseling and verification must be complete before funds can be disbursed. Financial aid awards greater than tuition, fees and on-campus housing expenses will be refunded to the student.