Cyber Lab

Capitol has expanded its Cyber and Information Security program by creating a Cyber Lab where various hacker attacks can be simulated, detected, analyzed and defeated. The new lab:

  • Provides intensive hands-on experience to increase cybersecurity knowledge of students.
  • Offers a realistic learning environment for current and potential members of the Fort Meade workforce, enrolled in specialized cybersecurity training programs and certification preparation classes.
  • Serves as a cyber security demonstration and career awareness outreach program for high school and middle school students.

The college received one of twelve BRAC higher education grants in December 2009 to develop the lab, making it one of the foremost institutions in Maryland for cybersecurity education.

The Cyber Lab’s Advisory Board includes members from:

Cyber Team Competitions

The Capitol Technology University cyber teams and students from the Cyber Lab compete in numerous cybersecurity challenges and competitions, including:

Ghost in the ShellCode 2012
Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition
US Cyber Challenge
DC3 Forensic Challenge
Defcon CTF Qualifiers
US Cyber Challenge Training Camp at Virginia Tech
HackLu CTF
National Cyber League Championship
NYU Poly CSAW (Computer Security Awareness Week) Capture-the-Flag
Stripe Capture-the-Flag
Mitre STEM Capture-the-Flag
ThreatSpace Capture-the-Flag

To partner with the Cyber Lab, contact William Butler, or call 301-369-2800