Dr. William Butler

Dr. William Butler

Vice President

Cyber Science Outreach and Partnerships

Dr. William (Bill) Butler is the Vice President of Cyber Science Outreach and Partnerships at Capitol Technology University. Beginning in 2021, he served as the Vice President of Academic Affairs and previously, as Cybersecurity Chair for 8 years at Capitol Tech. Earlier in his career, he worked in the networking and IT industries as a network engineer and consultant for over 20 years. Dr. Butler also served as a joint qualified communications information systems officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and retired as a Colonel with 30 years of service (active and reserve). He is very active in various working groups such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cloud Computing Security Forum Working Group (NIST CCSFWG), Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Big Data and Mobile Computing Working Group, and the National CyberWatch Center Curriculum Taskforce and the National Cybersecurity Student Association Advisory Board. Dr. Butler holds degrees from Brenau University, Marine Corps University, U.S. Army War College, National Defense University, University of Maryland and Capitol Technology University. He earned his DSc in Cybersecurity at Capitol in 2016 researching consumer countermeasures to illegal cellphone intercept.

Dr. Butler's unparalleled passion has ignited the careers of countless cybersecurity professionals, both within the heart of Maryland and far beyond as a retired Marine Colonel, reaching across the nation and around the globe. His achievements at Capitol Tech alone are legendary: from spearheading the Cyber Lab and Security Operations Center to the groundbreaking Center for Cybersecurity Research and Analysis (CCRA), Dr. Butler has been a visionary leader for Capitol Tech's cyber programs and the development of new and lasting partnerships. He has been pivotal in forging alliances with institutions and companies worldwide, from the National Defense University, and the National Cryptologic University to Percival Engineering, shaping the future of cyber defense.

Under Dr. Butler's guidance, Capitol Tech's cybersecurity program has skyrocketed to prestigious heights, earning the National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education title since 2003 and achieving the coveted ABET accreditation for the BS in Cybersecurity in 2020. In 2020, Dr. Butler assisted Capitol Tech in securing an NSA grant, catapulting the university to the helm of the CAE Northeast Regional Hub, encompassing 14 states and approximately 110 institutions.

Dr. Butler's influence extends beyond academia into the very fabric of the cybersecurity world. He is a key player in elite groups like the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), several NIST standards groups, the Colloquium of Information Systems Security Education (CISSE), and CyberWatch, contributing his expertise to national and global cybersecurity standards.

Internationally, Dr. Butler is a mentor to doctoral students and a bridge-builder through educational partnerships across continents, from Kosovo to Cameroon, as a Fulbright Cyber Specialist. His expertise and dedication have been instrumental in leading the university's cyber programs, students, partnerships, and funding to excellence and success.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Applied Wireless Security
  • The Design and Practice of Secure Information Networks



  • BS Computer Science from Brenau University
  • MS Telecommunications Management from University of Maryland
  • MS Strategic Studies from US Army War College
  • DSc in Cybersecurity from Capitol Technology University
  • Certificate, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) from National Defense University (NDU)