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In support of PLTW's mission, Capitol Technology University offers a path for high school students seeking transfer opportunities in the pursuit of education and careers in STEM. Our university accepts transfer credits from high school courses within the PLTW curriculum for students across the nation. Our mission aligns with PLTW in educating individuals for professional opportunities in engineering, computer and information sciences, and business, and providing relevant learning experiences that lead to success in the evolving global community.

As a high school student preparing to graduate, you have a unique opportunity to explore how PLTW and Capitol Technology University can help facilitate your seamless transfer into one of our STEM programs, and PLTW students receive additional scholarship funds, too! With PLTW and Capitol Technology University, you will have a great head-start on your higher education journey.

Our faculty and staff are committed to your success and will aid you every step of the way. While enrolled at our university, you will have access to our state-of-the-art labs, collaborative makerspaces, expert faculty, internships with industry leaders, and work with other students like YOU who love exploring the world of STEM!

A Guideline for Transferring PLTW Courses:

  • Any PLTW course can count as an engineering elective, general elective, or technical elective.
  • The number of transferred credits for each course depends on its content and length of its delivery (e.g. contact hours).
  • Only a passing grade of C or higher will be considered for transfer.
  • If transferrable course was worth 1 credit in high school, student would receive 2 transfer credits.




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