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America’s Top Colleges, 2023, Forbes

Forbes America's Top Colleges badge for 2023

Capitol Technology University has ranked among the top 8% of as one of the best colleges in America. Every year, Forbes’ showcases 500 of the finest U.S. colleges from a list of institutions that educate undergraduates according to their Carnegie Classification—a higher education framework that categorizes institutions based on the types of degrees they offer, their research output and specialty focus, as well as doctoral research and master’s universities, and those offering specialized programs in engineering, business, and art. 

Rankings are based on specific data related to student success, return on investment, alumni influence, impressive graduation rates, high graduate salaries, great outcomes for low-income students, and additional standards of excellence. 

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National Center of Academic Excellence, NSA and DoD

Capitol Technology University is recognized by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Defense (DoD) as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (NCAE-CD). 

The NCAE program aims to create and manage a collaborative cybersecurity educational program with community colleges, colleges, and universities that: 

  • Establishes standards for cybersecurity curriculum and academic excellence, 

  • Includes competency development among students and faculty, 

  • Values community outreach and leadership in professional development,  

  • Integrates cybersecurity practice within the institution across academic disciplines, 

  • Actively engages in solutions to challenges facing cybersecurity education. 

CAE-designated institutions must complete validation of a Program of Study, which is a series of courses and experiences that a student can reasonably accomplish in the course of attaining a degree or completing a certificate. 
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Top NCAE- C Public and Private Four-Year Institution for Cyber Bachelor’s Graduates from 2010 to 2020, 2023, CSET

The Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) recognizes Capitol Technology University as one of the top NCAE- C Public and Private Four-Year Institutions for Cyber Bachelor’s Graduates from 2010 to 2020. CSET performed a high-level study of the National Centers of Academic Excellence and Cybersecurity (NCAE-C) and determined that NCAE-C-designated institutions are graduating cyber talent at a higher rate than schools without the designation. 

Capitol Technology University ranked at the top of the list with the largest share of cyber graduates at 48%, almost half of our graduates, being in the field of cybersecurity. Additionally, our university was identified as one doing outstanding work in cyber education based on a review of structure, degree and course offerings, and broader context of efforts within our region and education sector. CSET noted that: “Capitol Technology University and its programs are an example of a successful pipeline for cyber talent into the private and public sectors. Leveraging their location and the connection to government partners forged by the NCAE-C program, they have developed a long list of cyber-related programs that provide in-demand skills to employers in the area. They also use their expertise to help build the training ecosystem for both K–12 and postsecondary institutions.” 


Military Friendly School, 2024-2025, VIQTORY has designated Capitol Tech as a Gold Level Military Friendly institution for several consecutive years. The Military Friendly® Schools survey is the longest-running most comprehensive review of college and university investments in serving military and veteran students. This list covers institutions offering certificate programs to doctoral degrees as well as benefits and tuition discounts to military professionals and their families.  

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Military Friendly GOLD LEVEL University 2024 - 25

Top Online Master’s Program in Maryland, 2024,

Capitol Technology University ranked #4 in the Top Online Master’s Program in Maryland for 2024 by Rankings are based on high graduation rates, competitive tuition prices, and opportunities for internships and networking within the DMV area.

Online Masters Colleges Ranking Seal

Best Online Ph.D. and Doctoral Programs, 2024, Open Education Database (OEDb)

Capitol Technology University ranked in the top 3 of the Best Online Ph.D. and Doctoral Programs by Open Education Database (OEDb). 

Capitol is recognized for our 60-credit Ph.D. programs that develop professionals in areas of evolving industry interest and prepares them for the dynamic workplace through hands-on skills, research, and expertise, making our graduates some of the most sought-after and highly respected researchers, leaders, and educators to contribute to their fields. 

Best Accredited Online Ph.D. Programs, 2024,

Capitol Technology University ranked #1 in the Best Accredited Online Ph.D. Programs 2024 by

Capitol is recognized for our online Ph.D. programs that provide students with flexible schedules and an affordable tuition, and are accredited by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC).

Best Ph.D. in Business Analytics Degree Program, 2024,

Capitol Technology University’s Ph.D. in Business Analytics and Data Science ranked #1 in TechGuide's 2024 list of best Ph.D. in Business Analytics degree programs. This recognition highlights the excellence of our program and our unwavering commitment to academic excellence. By earning a place among the top 7 institutions providing exceptional educational opportunities, our university reaffirms its dedication to delivering outstanding education. 

TechGuide's ranking process involves a thorough evaluation, considering various factors such as tuition, student-to-faculty ratio, admission and graduation rates, and alumni success. Data is analyzed from reputable sources such as the National Center for Education Statistics, including IPEDS and the College Navigator, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of their rankings. 

#1 Best Online Cybersecurity PhD, 2023-2024,

Capitol Technology University has been ranked #1 for Best Online Cybersecurity Ph.D. by This ranking is based on school reputation, course quality and availability, our online dissertation research options and outstanding faculty, as well as our longstanding recognition as a Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense (NCAE-CD).

We have also received recognition for several other of our programs as well: 

  • #1 Best online cybersecurity PhD programs 

  • #5 Best cybersecurity bachelor’s degree programs 

  • #8 Best online master’s in cybersecurity programs 

  • #10 Best online cybersecurity bachelor’s degree programs 

  • #16 Most affordable cybersecurity bachelor’s degree programs 

  • #23 Most affordable online cybersecurity bachelor’s degree programs 

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Best Online Master's Programs, 2024,

Capitol Technology University has been recognized as one of the best schools for online learning at the master’s level by (OMD), as well as one of the most affordable. Capitol Tech’s programs earned top honors for overall quality, affordability and commitment to student success. This year's considerations were focused on schools making it easier for students to compete in today’s increasingly difficult job market. Top-ranked schools also had competitive tuition rates and/or scholarships to help drive costs down. Capitol Tech was recognized as one of the top 30 universities, out of 7,700 considered, for our best online master's program offerings.

Primary data points for qualifying schools included:

  • Academic counseling services
  • Career placement services
  • Student/faculty ratio
  • Tuition
  • Percent of students receiving school-based aid
  • Amount of school-based aid per student

To be eligible for ranking, a university must hold active regional accreditation and have at least one partially online master’s program in the ranking subject. Just 8 percent of U.S. postsecondary institutions earned a ranking position. 

For more information, visit the OMD website.

Online Master's Degrees Best Online Master's Programs Badge 2024

Best Online Colleges in Maryland, 2023,

Capitol Technology University ranked #6 as one of the top colleges in Maryland offering online programs by

Among numerous higher education institutions, Capitol Technology University emerged as a standout due to our exceptional academic standards and emphasis on student success.  

Rankings are based on statistical data and consistent principles such as academic quality, affordability, and online competency. provides an objective assessment of relative quality, considering academic outcomes, affordability, and the breadth and depth of online learning opportunities offered by academic institutions that meet their ranking standards. 

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Most Affordable Master's in AI, 2023,

Capitol Technology University has ranked #6 in a list developed by, for offering one of the most affordable Master's in AI programs in 2023. The ranking method considered factors such as total cost, financial aid options, and course modality. They found that our Master of Research in Artificial Intelligence was within the top 10 affordable programs in this rapidly evolving field.

Most Affordable Masters in AI Programs

2023 Best U.S. Colleges, 2023, ranked Capitol Technology University as one of the 2023 Best U.S. Colleges. In this survey, rankings were determined according to cost of attendance, acceptance and enrollment rates, and graduation rates. Over 6,000 institutions were initially assessed, then narrowed down to the top 1,700 for the final list.   

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Top 500 National Colleges, 2023, Washington Monthly

Capitol Technology University has been ranked as one the top 500 national universities by the Washington Monthly. This recognition focuses on colleges that contribute to the public good in three categories: social mobility, research, and promoting public service. 

According to Washington Monthly’s rankings, colleges that are recognized show excellence across the full breadth of measurable areas, using an average of the three most recent years of data in an effort to gain a complete scope of a college’s overall performance. Metrics considered were 8-year graduation rates, number of Pell graduates and Pell performance rank, earnings performance, service, research, social mobility, and net price of attendance for families below $75k income. 

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Military Supportive College, 2022,

Capitol Tech is named one of the the Most Military-Supportive Colleges in the VA Northeast District. Schools are chosen based on how they genuinely offer the best place for any veteran, active-duty service member, or anyone from their families using military educational benefits, to earn a degree in addition to the school’s partnership with the Yellow Ribbon Program.  

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Yellow Ribbon Program Badge

ROI Rankings, 2022, Georgetown University

Capitol Tech is featured in Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce ROI Rankings List, which conducts a yearly ranking of 4,500 colleges and universities based on return on investment (ROI). The rankings use data from College Scorecard and include a metric that measures the share of students at an institution whose earnings 10 years after enrollment are higher than those of workers with a high school diploma as their highest level of education.

10 Prominent Colleges in the USA, 2022, CIO Views

Capitol Tech was listed as one of the 10 Prominent Colleges in the USA in 2022 by CIO Views, a publication dedicated to highlighting leaders in business, education, technology, and innovation. 

Educator Ally of the Year, 2021, Inteligenca

The Inteligenca’s Educator Ally of the Year (AYA) recognized the university’s efforts to support women in technology and educate the technology community on gender equality issues. As part of the university’s allyship, Capitol Tech has developed more programs to support female students in their majors, their overall education, and their STEM-related extracurricular activities including providing women in STEM visibility, a voice, and connections with fellow female STEM professionals. Over the last 25 years, Capitol Tech has graduated over 1,000 female students who have pursued careers in the STEM fields of engineering, computer science, cybersecurity, and more. 

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For more information on opportunities for Capitol’s women in STEM, visit the Center for Women in Cyber (CWC) page

America’s Best Cybersecurity Program, 2020, SC Media

Capitol Technology University is honored to receive the prestigious SC Media 2020 Award for Best Cybersecurity Higher Education Program. Established in 1989, SC Media is highly regarded in the cybersecurity community for its longstanding dedication to the industry. Honoring the best in cybersecurity, the SC Awards recognize the people, products and companies that are forging the industry’s future. Capitol Tech is cited for our numerous undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees, innovative programs, hands-on teaching methods, award-winning labs, the employability of our students, and our partnerships with top industry agencies as reasons why the university stands out among other cybersecurity education programs.

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SC Media 2020 Award