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On average, D.C. tech workers earn $116,000/yr.

Co-Ops & Internships

Securing critical infrastructure starts here

Learn to defend the 16 sectors vital to our security, health and prosperity

Security, Intelligence & Critical Infrastructure

Better business minds form here

Drive the data insights that growing a $74 trillion global economy demands

Management of Technology

Front-line cyber warriors train here

Learn to fight the greatest threat to our nation’s security

Cyber and Information Security

Brilliant futures launch here

Be part of a global space economy that’s $323 billion and growing

Unmanned Systems

It's 2018. Every job is a technology job

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Tech Job Market

Tech workers earn 2x average national wage.

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Washington, D.C.

Join America’s most educated workforce.

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Founded by a Navy veteran. Serving active duty and retired Military for more than 90 years.

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NASA, NSA, DOD. Join the Capitol Network.

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Find a way or make one.

After 90 years of advancing hands-on, technology-focused education, Capitol Technology University continues to play a vital role in helping innovation-minded students, companies, key agencies and the nation anticipate change and reimagine tomorrow.

Highlights @ Capitol Tech

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony August 16th

Innovators Hall tree planting​

                It’s official! As promised and right on schedule, Capitol’s most recent construction project will be complete this August. And we’re inviting you to come out and see it!

Cyber Analytics Careers: Who’s Hiring?

cyber analytics careers
Cyber Analytics is a swiftly growing field that melds cybersecurity with sophisticated data analysis tools and skills. With a degree in this area which companies should you be looking to build a career?

Purple Heart Day Commemorates Oldest US Military Decoration

Photo commemorating Purple Heart Day August 7

Privacy as Limits

Stock photo of gossiping teens

By Jason M. Pittman, Sc. D.

Samantha Van Sant: What I Love About Capitol

Samantha Van Sant

As part of a regular series, we’re talking with students, faculty, and staff about the things that make Capitol a great place to learn, build, and succeed. Today, we spoke with Samantha Van Sant, associate director of admissions.

At Capitol summer camp, high schoolers harness the power of coding

Dr. Sandy Antunes assists a young coder at a Capitol summer camp

You can see the level of concentration in their expressions. It’s intense

Mark Your Calendars for Capitol’s Scholarship Golf Tournament on October 15

Capitol Tech scholarship golf tournament

The rolling hills and forest scenery of central Maryland are at their most spectacular in October – and what better time to enjoy a golf outing with friends or colleagues?

Astronautical Engineering Course Spotlight – Ground Systems Engineering

ground systems engineering for bachelor's student
Astronautical engineering bachelor’s students at Capitol Technology University, learn the basics of ground systems engineering and apply it to real-life inspired scenarios in Capitol’s Space Flight Operations Training Center.

Many talents, one code. Make it happen.

Builder Culture

We’re positive you’ll receive a job offer within 90 days of graduation, or we’ll waive the tuition cost for 36 additional undergraduate credits.

The Capitol Job Commitment

Hub of advanced science, research and technologies – part of a $400 billion regional economy.

Washington, D.C.