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Tech workers earn 2x average national wage.

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Founded by a Navy veteran. Serving active duty and retired Military for more than 90 years.

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After 90 years of advancing hands-on, technology-focused education, Capitol Technology University continues to play a vital role in helping innovation-minded students, companies, key agencies and the nation anticipate change and reimagine tomorrow.

Highlights @ Capitol Tech

Safe & Sound: The Mechanics Behind Occupational Health and Safety

Woman on work site

By: Dr. Ian McAndrew, FRAeS

Life & The Arlington Memorial Bridge Carry On

Arlington Memorial Bridge
Take a virtual ride on the Arlington Memorial Bridge, learn why this infrastructure is critical to life as we know it.

“Modern Infrastructure Needs a Modern Bodyguard” Podcast

Diverse group on smart phones

By 2020, researchers predict there will be nearly 200 billion connected devices. Computers, smart phones, tablets, vehicle navigation systems, appliances, security systems – the list goes on and on.

Alumni spotlight: Hector Santiago, DSc

Hector Santiago
Considering a career in cybersecurity? Hector Santiago, DSc, currently employed by the Department of Homeland Security, shares insights about the field.

Challenge Authority (an ode to graduation)

Dr. Sandy Antunes with mace at commencement

by Sandy Antunes, PhD

President Sims receives prestigious Purdue Polytechnic Distinguished Technology Alumni award

President Sims with Dr. Gary Bertoline, receiving award

On April 26, 2019, Dr.

Construction Firms Preparing Large Bids Face Cyber Attack Risk

Construction site plan

In today’s digital world, every industry needs cybersecurity.

Robots, machine learning and 3D printing: This is not your grandfather’s construction site

automation and technology in construction
Wonder what construction sites will be like 30 years from now? Robots, 3D printing, machine learning and more automation and technology are bringing huge changes to the construction industry.

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We’re positive you’ll receive a job offer within 90 days of graduation, or we’ll waive the tuition cost for 36 additional undergraduate credits.

The Capitol Job Commitment

Hub of advanced science, research and technologies – part of a $400 billion regional economy.

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