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Management of Technology

Computing and Information Systems are fundamental underpinnings in every aspect of business today. These technologies are continually advancing and constantly changing the ways we live and work.

At Capitol Technology University you’ll not only learn about the technical innerworkings of these tools, you’ll also learn how they’re used to support business strategies. Our graduates leverage computing and information technologies to grow and protect the competitive advantage of their firms.

Management of Technology Overview

1 T X Computing capacity increase since 1956
2.53 B 1/3 of the world’s population uses a mobile phone
3.1 M We send a lot of Emails every second

Career Outlook

By 2026, 43,800 new Computer and Information Systems Manager jobs are expected to be added within the USA. This growth rate of 12% is higher than average for all occupations. The median national annual salary for Computer and Information Systems Managers is $120,950.

On the horizon: Because of the increase in cloud Computing, IT services people will likely move away from working in IT departments in non-computer industries, to working in firms that provide Computer Systems Design, Data Processing, Hosting and related services.

Capitol Tech Opportunties

Here's some of the ways that we prepare and connect you with the field of management of technology

student working on antenna in lab

Team-Oriented, Multidisciplinary Projects

Professionals from all backgrounds collaborate in the real-world, so we’ve structured our labs to operate the same way. Students majoring in electrical engineering, cybersecurity, astronautical engineering and others all form teams to collaborate, trouble-shoot and explore what’s possible in our labs.

laptop with cyber stickers on lid

Cybersecurity Challenges

Join our cyber team and work with other students to defend and attack secure systems. You’ll compete against other schools and improve your skills with every challenge. Last year, the team competed in 15 cyber challenges.

job fair at university

Professional Organizations

Network with other cybersecurity professionals and Capitol alumni, and learn the newest developments in this ever-changing field by joining Information Systems Security Association and/or InfraGuard.

student in lab

Center for Cybersecurity Research and Analysis (CCRA)

Enhancing the security of physical and cyber infrastructures across the nation requires ongoing training. This interdisciplinary center provides working professionals bachelor- and master-level certificates.