Online Classes

You haven’t experienced the full potential of online learning until you see the way Capitol does it.

Graduate Courses

Capitol Technology University makes it possible for busy professionals to earn master’s degrees, doctorates, or technology-related certificates on their own schedule. We offer many of our degree programs in a flexible, asynchronous format that allows you to watch course lectures at a time that works for you. Our professors, drawn from the ranks of skilled professionals in their fields, are accessible and ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

Other programs offer the option of a live, virtual classroom format in which you can interact with your instructor and fellow students in real time. All live classes are recorded and available for later replay.

All of Capitol’s master’s degree programs are offered entirely online. Our pioneering doctoral programs in cybersecurity (DSc) and business and decision sciences (PhD) are primarily online, with an annual residency during which you will work with Capitol faculty members to shape your research ideas into a finished project. All our other doctorate programs are offered in a no-residency, researched focused modality.

Undergraduate Courses

The college also offers a variety of online classes for undergraduates. For instance, students pursuing a BS degree in business administration, cybersecurity or management of cyber and information technology have the option of completing their last two years entirely online.

And our BS degree in construction safety is offered exclusively online.