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Biggest Industrial Robotics Employers for Mechatronics Engineers

December 6, 2019
One of the largest areas in which mechatronics and robotics experience is needed is in the field of industrial robotics. The following companies offer career paths for those with a passion for mechatronics engineering.

Alumni Spotlight: Glenn Andal

November 27, 2019
Glenn Andal, a cybersecurity program alumnus of Capitol Tech, currently solves some of the most complex and important problems facing the field of cybersecurity at MITRE, a research development center for the U.S. government.

Managing construction industry labor shortage

November 25, 2019
It is increasingly difficult to find skilled workers in certain industries, like manufacturing and construction. Here’s how the construction industry is adopting technology to lower the impact of labor shortages.


November 18, 2019
SOLIDWORKS, a solid modeling computer-aided design and engineering program, is one of the most popular software options for mechatronics engineers. Here's how it's used to develop mechatronics systems from beginning to end.

Ladies! Be the Energy in Cybersecurity!

November 15, 2019
Did you know that women represent only eleven to fourteen percent of the cybersecurity workforce?  But women have been influencing cybersecurity since the very earliest computers.

Beyond cybersecurity: protecting data through technology itself

November 13, 2019
Artificial intelligence can analyze data faster than any human and can learn from what it sees to better protect vulnerable systems, freeing up cybersecurity professionals to address any identified security concerns.

Dear Active Duty Personnel and Fellow Veterans

November 11, 2019
A letter from Steve McCaskey on behalf of all at Capitol Technology University to thank those in uniform serving today, and also to those who have served in the past. We honor you and your dedication on this Veterans Day.

On the Rise with a CAPITOL “P”: PhD, that is

November 5, 2019
In recognition of National Distance Learning Week (NDLW) being observed November 4-8, we want to take time to bring awareness and highlight the thirteen doctoral programs which include a combination of Ph.D. programs as well as the thirteen master’s degree programs offered at Capitol Technological University.

Capitol Tech Department Chair Hashem Tabrizi looks to the future of STEM careers

November 4, 2019
Meet Professor Hashem Tabrizi, chair of Capitol Tech's newest program, Bachelor's in Unmanned and Autonomous Systems. Professor Tabrizi is leading the University’s efforts to provide cutting-edge STEM education by being the only 4-year college to offer this degree in the state of Maryland.

How artificial intelligence (AI) voice technology is used in phone scams

November 1, 2019
We often speak to artificial intelligence voice technology expecting it to do what we asked. But what happens when instead of Siri on the other end we find voice technology being used with malicious intent?