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Beyond Commercial Airlines: Unveiling the Diverse World of Aviation Pilot Careers

April 18, 2024
Many aspiring pilots solely pursue commercial airline careers. However, the aviation industry offers many rewarding opportunities beyond commercial airlines. Explore these exciting career options, and how to enter this dynamic field.
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The Pentagon's Strategic Move: Leveraging Commercial Space Technology for National Security

April 12, 2024
In an era where space technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, the Pentagon is seeking new ways to integrate commercial space technology to harness its transformative potential for the benefit of national security.
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Predictive Analytics in Preventing Construction Disasters

April 11, 2024
Seeing the future with absolute certainty is impossible, as disaster strikes in the most unexpected ways.
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Robots in the Workplace: Learning New Ways to Harness the Future

April 9, 2024
Robotics has been around for decades, but recent advancements in artificial intelligence and sensor technology have led to a surge in the capabilities and applications of this field of study.
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A Giant Leap for Private Enterprise: Unveiling the Success of Intuitive Machines' Odysseus Mission

April 4, 2024
The lunar landscape has a new resident: Intuitive Machines' IM-1, also known as Odysseus lander.
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Powering Up Our Defenses: The DOE Invests in Energy Sector Cybersecurity

April 2, 2024
The Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced a significant investment of $45 million into cybersecurity research for the energy sector.
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Impact of the Global Low-Cost Airline Market on the Aviation Industry

March 28, 2024
How are low-cost airlines impacting the aviation industry? The LCC market is projected to reach $440.46 billion by 2030, indicating continued growth in demand, ensuring the need for LCCs and more aviation professionals in the industry.
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Spotify's Shift Away from Human-Curated Playlists: The Impact of Automation and AI on Music

March 25, 2024
Spotify's shift away from human-curated playlists towards automation reflects broader trends of prevalence of AI and the impact that it is having on all including the music industry.
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Artificial Intelligence and Its Unique Threat to Women

March 21, 2024
Women’s History Month shines an important spotlight on how certain aspects of our society affect members of our global community.
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How to Avoid Plagiarism in Academic Writing

March 20, 2024
In a special guest blog, Professor of Practice in Intelligence & Global Security at Capitol Technology University, Dr. Joshua Sinai gives his insights into the issue of plagiarism.
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