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Travel in the internet era: we’re all experts now

By Robert Herschbach  

Why a Cybersecurity Career: it’s not just about hacking, professor says

Dr. Mary-Margaret Chantré, a professor of cybersecurity at Capitol Technology University, talks about how young people perceive the cybersecurity field, what aspects capture their imaginations and why more young people are choosing careers in cybersecurity.

Privacy - How is it Flawed?

  By Jason M. Pittman, Sc. D.

Melanie Young: What I Love About Capitol

Tech economy drives changes in education

By Emma Leonard

Student satellite mission aces NASA review, readies for launch

Photos courtesy of Project Aether

Synthetic intelligence and the Divine

Jason M. Pittman, Sc.D.

Bookshelf: AI Reads

By: Sarah Van Horn

Privacy as Knowing

By Jason M. Pittman, D.Sc.

Student Spotlight: Summer Intern Ahmed Woodson and Project S.O.L.O.

Have you ever dreamed of working with space tech for a living? Capitol summer intern, Ahmed Woodson does.