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Managing the Environmental Impact of AI

July 12, 2024
There are ongoing efforts to mitigate the environmental impact of data centers by combining technological innovation with sustainable practices – and AI is playing a crucial role as it might hold the key to its own sustainability.
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American Healthcare Under Cyberattack: Why Cybersecurity is Important for the Healthcare Industry

July 10, 2024
Explore the rising frequency and severity of cyberattacks on American healthcare, highlighting the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures to protect this essential sector.
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Seven Innovative Technological Advancements to Watch for in 2024 and Beyond

July 3, 2024
From AI to quantum computing, new technological innovations are reshaping the future of how we live, work, and interact with the world around us. Here are seven tech advancements poised to make a significant impact in 2024 and beyond.
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Robot-Assisted Acoustic Technology: Broad-Use Engineering for the Future

July 1, 2024
Acoustic technology, in some forms, has been around for centuries. It is used in designing and improving musical instruments for optimal sound production, as well as limiting unwanted or harmful mechanical noise in the world around us.
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Why Aren’t There More Women in the Aviation Industry?

June 28, 2024
The aviation industry is facing significant gender disparity where women represent less than 20% of the workforce in most aviation occupations. With a global shortage of pilots, the FAA is now focusing on training more women in aviation.
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The Link Between Climate Change and Security: The Important Role the Defense Sector Plays

June 26, 2024
Climate change is causing extreme weather patterns which cause life threatening events and provide opportunities for hackers to exploit difficult situations. Read more to find out about the impact of climate change on cybersecurity.
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Celebrating the Contributions of the STEM LGBTQIA+ Community

June 24, 2024
In STEM fields of study, the LGBTQIA+ community has been longstanding and integral, with groundbreaking contributions that drive innovation forward.
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Women in STEM: Tech Opportunities for Women in Washington, D.C.

June 22, 2024
The National Science Foundation reports that women comprise 1/3 of the STEM workforce, bringing extensive innovation, leadership, and expertise to these fields.
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The U.S. Space Force’s CubeSat Weather-Imaging Mission Takes Flight Again To Transform Space Technology

June 18, 2024
CubeSats, miniature, cube-shaped satellites, have transformed space technology by capturing detailed cloud imagery, enabling comprehensive weather monitoring, which is incredibly useful for military operations.
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SpaceX Satellite Cell Tower in Space Launches New Telecommunications Race

June 7, 2024
A recent satellite launch from SpaceX may soon provide enhanced cellular connectivity to the most remote reaches of Earth, providing a potentially revolutionary shift away from terrestrial networks and
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