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Capitol, NSA sign agreement on degree opportunities

To Make the Most of Big Data…Visualize it!

Where there is data, there is a need for visual aids that can help us readily make sense of it. Consider the following examples:

Interview: Haden Land

Capitol, NSA’s National Cryptologic School team up to provide cyber education

Does Synthetic Intelligence have an Embodiment Problem?

Privacy as Non-Intrusion

For the betterment of our species, Dr. Jason Pittman wants privacy to end. To understand the goal, we first must come to grips with what privacy is.

Life Should Be Like Summer Camp!

So why can't life be more like summer camps? We're running several camps here at Capitol throughout the summer.

Unmanned and Autonomous Systems: The Future is Now

Ways in which unmanned and autonomous systems (UAS) can deliver benefits to people while reducing human risk.

What will synthetic intelligence be made of?

Dr. Jason M. Pittman discusses the biochemical construction of intelligence, what a non-carbon-based life, and by extension intelligence, may be like and how we could possibly communicate with it.

Philosophy of Technology Roundtable: Doors of Mediation

With an array of new gadgets at our disposal, digital tech has become part of nearly everything we do – from gaming to shopping to videoconferencing at work.