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Interview with Dr. Chuck Easttom, Director, Quantum Computing and Cryptography Research Lab

Capitol professor, Dr. Chuck Easttom, shares all – from the latest trends in quantum computing to his advice for undergraduate students – and gives a sneak peek of his new lab and book, both coming online this fall.

Organizational cybersecurity threats - external vs internal

Which poses a bigger threat – internal or external cybersecurity risks? The answer is determined by the nature of the company, its employees, and what preventative methods have already been put into place.

Cyber Analytics Careers in Government

With more frequent cybersecurity breaches, it is vital that an entity like the government keep their data secure. Cybersecurity careers are needed in federal, as well as state and local governments, where more services are offered.

How Mechatronics Engineering is Advancing Agriculture

The advent of mechatronics engineering has greatly advanced agriculture by reducing the use of resources and providing customized treatments of crops, resulting in benefits to the farmer, consumer, and the environment.

Cybersecurity Job Opportunities – Private Sector

Considering a job in cybersecurity? There are many opportunities within the private sector, in fields from health care to finance to retail. Two experienced cybersecurity professionals offer their insight into the industry.

Blogs of Future Past by Professor Sandy Antunes

Every year, Capitol Tech students graduate and go out to make the world a better place. Professors often wish they were able to follow their students’ journeys after college. Perhaps the blogs they leave behind are the next best thing.

Interested in a career with industrial robots?

Knowledgeable employees are needed in mechatronics engineering to design, test, and continually advance robotic technology. Check out 5 jobs available to those interested in a career with industrial robots.

IT versus OT: Between a rock and a hard place

The debate between IT and OT cyber professionals about how to balance the economies within the IT infrastructure versus the segmentation of OT is ongoing. Priority differences place organization decision makers between a rock and a hard place. Learn more about the debate from both sides.

Inside Our Space Flight Operations Training Center

The Space Flight Operations Training Center at Capitol Tech provides students a unique experience commanding a spacecraft that contains software from a NASA mission.

Why is cybersecurity risk growing in the construction industry?

The construction industry is relatively new to addressing cybersecurity, but as business becomes progressively more digital, the industry is taking steps to address digital risks alongside physical ones.