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Capitol Tech cyber transfer scholars making a difference – even before graduation

Mechatronics vs. mechanical engineering: why they’re different

Students trying to nail down a major may find themselves perplexed about the distinction between mechatronics and mechanical engineering. Read more to find out the difference between these two overlapping fields.

Why Consider a Degree in Unmanned and Autonomous Systems?

This fast-growing field is transforming almost every sector of the economy. Unmanned and autonomous systems have countless applications.

Machine Learning: A Guide for the Perplexed

By Jason M. Pittman, D.Sc.  

Emma Seehousz, cyber analytics major: “I aspire to make a difference”

How to become a qualified cybersecurity professional

Learn how you can earn good money, rack up professional experience and become a qualified cybersecurity professional before you've completed your college degree.

Computer Science Education Week: learn why coding is essential for everyone

The residency experience: an opportunity to connect

How to write an effective headline and summary statement on LinkedIn

Cybersecurity at the Construction Site: How to Tackle the Risk

How does cybersecurity intersect with construction management? Learn why industry experts say that cybersecurity is an important consideration for professionals in the construction field.