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Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

June 29, 2020
June 23, marked the 7th annual celebration of International Women in Engineering Day. This celebration of a minority population in an increasingly important and expanding career began in Britain in 2014 to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the Women’s engineering Society.

How cybersecurity experts can prevent cyber-attacks

June 22, 2020
Cybersecurity tools once used by top-level cybersecurity professionals are now available to anyone via the Dark Web making prevention of cyber-attacks more of a challenge.

The role of integrative thinking in mechatronics problem-solving

June 16, 2020
Integrative thinking is the ability to take two opposing ideas and produce a creative solution. It can play a critical role in mechatronics which is an integration of multiple fields, including electronic, robotic, control, system and computer engineering.

Women Veterans Day: Today We Honor Female Veterans

June 12, 2020
Today on Women Veterans Day we honor all the female veterans for their sacrifice and commitment to our country. 

The Sun Never Sets on Capitol Tech: Growing the Doctoral Program

June 9, 2020
Since arriving at Capitol Technology University in 2017, President Bradford Sims PhD, has implemented his vision for the university by incorporating innovation at all degree levels, fields of study, and delivery methods for Capitol Tech’s signature future-focused education.

Capitol Tech’s Fusion Lab prepares students for cutting-edge STEM careers through hands-on, interdisciplinary technology projects

June 8, 2020
Dr. Alex 'Sandy' Antunes, in addition to teaching courses in the Bachelor of Science in Astronautical Engineering program, runs the Fusion Lab, which is Capitol Tech's makerspace and focuses on preparing students for STEM careers through hands-on, interdisciplinary technology projects.

Alan Turing: Mathematical Genius, Allied Forces Hero, and Pioneer of the Computer Science Industry

June 8, 2020
In an earlier post this week, we explored the basics safety practices of National Safety Month which takes place annually in June. However, another important celebration also takes place this month–Pride Month. So in honor of the important movement celebrated this month, officially penned by Bill Clinton in 1999 in response t0 the Stonewall Inn protest against police persecution towards members of the lgbtq+ community, we will profile lgbtq+ community intellectual who have made substantial contributions to STEM industries.

Capitol Tech. Celebrates National Safety Month Year-Round with Comprehensive Programs

June 3, 2020
As businesses begin to see positive results from or potential flaws in their COVID-19 response plans, workplace safety remains at the forefront of everyone’s mind. That’s why this year’s National Safety Month which takes place every June, could not have come at a more opportune time.

Advanced technology to remove space debris from orbit

June 1, 2020
According to NASA, there are more than 500,000 pieces of debris orbiting the earth. Several organizations are working on advanced technology to remove space debris from orbit to reduce risk of damage to functioning equipment.

Student Voice: Leader of the Astronomy Club Shares His View of the International Space Station 

May 28, 2020
A new student came into the Fusion Lab who was interested in everything in the lab had to offer, but he was particularly intrigued by the International Space Station (ISS) tracker display. He wasn’t sure what it was so I explained to him that it tracks the ISS in real time and that it just so happened that it was about to pass over the school in about 5 minutes.