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Do Electrical Engineers Make Good Money?

Look around the room you are sitting in. Is there a device that uses electricity near you? Electrical engineers are the power behind every machine, and in our technology driven world that means big money.

Medical Mechatronics: Improving life for patients and clinicians

Medical mechatronics is revolutionizing the medical field with lifelike prosthetic devices, robotic-assisted surgical systems, in-home monitoring devices and more.

Celebrating International Women's Day 2019

Today in honor of international women’s day, the Capitol team is feeling reflective. Every year we are fortunate enough to sit down with some brilliant young women pursuing science, technology, engineering, and math fields (STEM).

Science Places: UNDER, Norway

By: Sarah Van Horn

Aviation Industry Advancements Create Exciting Opportunities

By: Dr. Ian McAndrew

Your organization may be cybersecure, but are your vendors?

How Target Corporation became the cautionary tale of cybersecurity risks with one of the largest breaches to date. Here are some best practices to manage risk for your organization as well as vendors and contractors.

Common Resume Myths

Before you can really discuss the best way to write your resume and what to do or not to do, it’s important to take a step back and think about why you’re writing it. What are the goals of this resume?

Machine Learning: Finding the Root

Jason M. Pittman, ScD

How do you become a construction manager?

With the construction industry booming and continued growth expected, being a construction manager is a stable, lucrative career. But what are the qualifications that you need to become a construction manager? Read more to find out.

Capitol student presents at IEEE conference

Students involved with the Brain-Machine Interface workshop at Capitol Technology University are experimenting with technologies of the fut