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National Safety Month: An Industry Veteran's Words of Wisdom

June 24, 2022
As National Safety Month winds down, Capitol Technology University's professor of practice and Chair of Safety Programs Darin Dillow offers words of advice about the evolving occupational health and safety industry he has been a part of for the last 20+ years.

5 Inspiring Women to Watch on International Women in Engineering Day

June 23, 2022
June 23rd marks International Women in Engineering Day, and we've compiled a list of powerful and inspiring women in various areas of the industry to show what female leaders in STEM are capable of. Although engineering remains a male-dominated industry, we hope that elevating the voices and accomplishments of successful women like these can help inspire more female engineers in the future.

Inspiring LGBTQ+ Figures in STEM | Pride Month 2022

June 21, 2022
This Pride Month, we celebrate a handful of individuals who have made their mark on the STEM community despite facing obstacles and struggles relating to their identity or sexuality. The scientists in these stories have overcome personal battles in order to help evolve the world of science and technology for all.

The Drones We’re Looking For

June 16, 2022
June is National Safety Month, a time to be aware of the critical safety precautions that must be taken in all working environments, and to strive to create the best conditions for employees in every field, especially the field of construction management. This can be achieved through the use of unmanned drones.

Keeping It Real: Augmented Versus Virtual Reality

June 13, 2022
If you struggle to understand the difference between augmented and virtual reality, here’s a hint: augmented reality (AR) is the “real” one.

Air Force Deploys Planes to Fight Formula Shortage

June 6, 2022
With supply chain shortages continuing to ravage the United States, the lack of one particular product has left many households scrambling: baby formula.

How to Write a Successful Book Review for University Courses, Academic and Newspaper Publications

June 3, 2022
Thank you to Dr.

The All New Smart Screw

May 31, 2022
Let’s face it: buildings buckle, structures collapse, and safety is often disregarded in the construction industry.

Reinventing the Traffic Light with Artificial Intelligence

May 27, 2022
Amidst the many bids to improve the everyday convenience of modern life, a transportation research group from Pittsburgh has developed a new artificial intelligence (AI) smart technology to help keep roads clear of congestion and get tra

Happy Birthday, Sally Ride!

May 26, 2022
May 26th marks what would be Sally Ride’s 71st birthday. As the first American female and youngest American to fly amongst the stars, Ride was a true pioneer in space travel.