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Time Perception in Synthetic Intelligence: Why It's Important

By Jason M. Pittman, Sc.D  

Mobile Device Security: Be Careful With Public Wi-Fi Hotspots!

Capitol, Science Engineering Partnership to launch new STEM program for young people

Cactus-1 mission aces key milestones, awaits launch

At tech-focused Capitol, communication and interview skills are also part of the mix

In today’s tech-driven economy, there’s no question that skills in fields like engineering or computer science are in high demand.

Cybersecurity awareness efforts must focus on young people, professor says

Feats of Engineering: Smart Cities

American author James A. Michener once wrote, “Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.” 

Do your career plans involve a security clearance? Think ahead and avoid red flags

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Student blockchain project to be launched at Capitol Tech

Privacy is a Zero-Sum Heuristic

By Jason M. Pittman, DSc