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Report: Capitol's online master's in cyber is among most affordable

A new report has found that Capitol’s online master’s program in cyber is also one of the most affordable options available in the information assurance field.

Capitol's Project Aether team sees early successes

As summer kicks into gear, a team of Capitol Technology University students involved in an ambitious space science project is savoring early successes and looking ahead to further milestones in the months ahead.

Cybersecurity a global problem, say analysts – but global response proves elusive

The transnational nature of cybercrime calls for a transnational response – yet, so far, building a global consensus has proved hard to do, adding to dealing with the global challenges of cybersecurity.

Privacy: Information as Permanency

Earlier in this continuing series on privacy, I argued that that there were three reasons for the rising demand in privacy and that such demand is bad for our species.

Student Spotlight: Giang To

We sat down with Capitol Technology University student Giang To to learn more about the cyber opportunities at Capitol.

DoD awards prestigious SMART scholarship to Capitol student Joshua Joseph

A Capitol student received some game-changing news this past semester: he’ll be completing the remainder of his studies tuition-free, with an additional stipend to cover room and board, and guaranteed employment after he receives his degree.

Can We Distinguish Between Types of Consciousness?

 In the last part of this series, I articulated the idea that there are three potential types of consciousness. The first, natural consciousness, is the kind that you and I have. Philosophers have dedicated entire careers to an investigation of what it entails – and to demonstrating that it is not merely an illusion. 

Boost Your Skill Set Through Student Clubs

Here at Capitol, we're very proud of all of the clubs and activities that our students participate in. They add fun and vibrancy to the campus experience and enable students explore a variety of interests, whether social, creative, athletic, or technical.

Privacy: Information as Currency

Readers of this continuing series on privacy will recall that, in the last installment, I discussed the concept of information parity.

Unmanned Aircraft Myths

With the development of unmanned systems technology comes tremendous potential, especially in the field of aviation.  According to an economic report by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, the largest growth of UAS will be in commercial applications.