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Unmanned Aircraft Myths

With the development of unmanned systems technology comes tremendous potential, especially in the field of aviation.  According to an economic report by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, the largest growth of UAS will be in commercial applications.

Capitol Astronautical Engineering student projects aim for the skies…literally

As summer 2018 approaches, a group of engineering and computer science students at Capitol Technology University is awaiting a NASA rocket launch that will take their project into orbit.

Jump Start Juniors attendees see STEM in action

Students attending an annual STEM expo at Capitol Technology University saw a demo of advanced-level drones and got a firsthand look at technology that can scan human thoughts, among other activities Friday (May 4).

Intelligent Systems in Automobiles: AI in the Automotive Industry

Self-driving cars aren’t here yet, but they aren’t the only new type of driving experience coming to consumers.

Intelligence and Consciousness: What's the Difference?

Previously, we constructed a definition for intelligence.

How business and data analytics is changing the transportation industry

Every time you fly on a plane or check into a hotel, you generate data – information that can, in theory, help companies beat their competitors while providing customers a richer, more personalized experience.

Space (Policy) is Unforgiving

Did you know there's a list of items you can't launch into space?  You can't launch fuel, sealed containers, air, loose stuff, parts that can't handle a vacuum, or things in general that could cause damage.

Capitol lauded for integrating cyber into business courses

Want to be a savvy business leader? Increasingly, you’ll need to be cybersecurity-literate.

Bookshelf: New Business Analytics Reads

Last month, we brought you a selection of essential titles for those interested in exploring business analytics.

Commencement is May 12 – event to be live-streamed on YouTube

On Saturday (May 12), newly-graduating students of Capitol Technology University will walk across the stage to receive their diplomas, in formal recognition of their hard work and achievements.