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Emma Seehousz, cyber analytics major: “I aspire to make a difference”

How to become a qualified cybersecurity professional

Learn how you can earn good money, rack up professional experience and become a qualified cybersecurity professional before you've completed your college degree.

Computer Science Education Week: learn why coding is essential for everyone

The residency experience: an opportunity to connect

How to write an effective headline and summary statement on LinkedIn

Cybersecurity at the Construction Site: How to Tackle the Risk

How does cybersecurity intersect with construction management? Learn why industry experts say that cybersecurity is an important consideration for professionals in the construction field.

On Giving Tuesday, support Capitol Tech students!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday a boon for shoppers – but also for hackers

Cooking With Science: Gobbling Up Thanksgiving

The ultimate challenge of all Thanksgiving foods, and the one thing I’ve always been way too frightened to make myself, is ... turkey.

The Secret to Collaboration

Good engineers take their work personally as well as professionally, and it's a given that we will have to team up with others.