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Today Marks the Start of National Computer Science Education Week

December 7, 2020
Today marks the beginning of National Computer Science Education Week. This annual event was started in 2009 by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) "to learn computer science, advocate for equity in computer science education, and celebrate the contributions of students, teachers, and partners to the field” according to the Computer Science Education Week (CSEW) website hosted by a variety of organizations including The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and

Capitol Tech's Stephen McCaskey, VP of Academic Affairs, Invited to Join Royal Aeronautical Society

December 4, 2020
Capitol Technology University’s Vice President of Academic Affairs, Stephen McCaskey, PhD, has been invited to become a Fellow with the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS). McCaskey was invited by RAes president, Prof Jonathan Cooper in October 2020. While anyone in the aerospace industry may apply to join the RAeS, select individuals may be specially invited to join the prestigious society.

Resume Building Guidelines: Does Your Resume Get Noticed?

December 3, 2020
Employers give resume about a six-second review.  Does your resume get you noticed? Are you getting calls from employers? If not, your resume may need improvement.

National Computer Security Day

November 30, 2020
November 30 is National Computer Security Day. The day is all about encouraging everyone to be proactive in ensuring the equipment and systems they use on a day-to-day basis are secure. This is especially important as we enter the holiday season and many partake in online shopping, often without stopping to consider if what they are doing is safe.

The Cybersecurity Staffing Shortage Explained

November 23, 2020
The global pandemic has resulted in a drastic increase in the number of employees working from home. This situation has led to challenges for cybersecurity staff, who are now having to ensure that employees in a variety of locations are working securely, on top of their standard daily tasks.

The US: Critical Infrastructure, COVID-19, and Terrorism

November 24, 2020
Today the United States’ critical infrastructure (CI) is under one of the most severe threats since the 1930s Great Depression, caused by the massive disruptions by the COVID-19 pandemic’s mass infections of people who work in and depend on the CI’s 16 sectors.

National Infrastructure Security Month: What Does it Mean?

November 20, 2020
November is National Infrastructure Security Month. Most people take for granted the infrastructure systems and services that support us – from transportation systems to communications networks to office buildings to concerts. These and more are part of our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Microsoft's Underwater Data Center

November 19, 2020
Water is likely not the first place you think of for a location of a data center, but that is exactly what Microsoft thought in 2018, when they sunk a data center off the coast of Orkney Islands in Scotland for what they have dubbed Project Natick. The goal of the underwater data center was to determine if being housed in cool temperature can improve energy efficiency and reduce costs that are normally associated with cooling servers on land, reported Rory Cellan-Jones for BBC in 2018.

Q&A: Dr. Ron Martin, Capitol Tech's Professor of Practice in Critical Infrastructure

November 18, 2020
Capitology Blog talked with Dr. Ron Martin, Capitol Tech's Professor of Practice in Critical Infrastructure, Industrial Control System Security, and Access and Identity Management, to discuss critical infrastructure and the importance of celebrating national Critical Infrastructure Security Month.

How To Build A Career In Counterterrorism

November 16, 2020
There are many fields in which someone interested in cyber and information security can pursue a career. One area that is always in demand is counterterrorism.