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Degree Spotlight: PhD in Space Cybersecurity

March 30, 2022
One of Capitol Tech’s recently introduced graduate degrees could be the new frontier of cyber defense both on earth and throughout the cosmos.

The Evolution of Biometrics

March 25, 2022
Most of us don’t think twice about using our fingerprint or even our face to unlock our phones.

Construction Supply Chain Shortages Continue

March 24, 2022
Supply chain issues have been prevalent since the start of the pandemic, including greatly impacting the construction industry.

The March Equinox: The First Day of Spring

March 18, 2022
With the changing of the seasons, changes within our solar system are happening as well.

The Bridge Crisis in America

March 16, 2022
At the end of January, the Fern Hollow Bridge in Pittsburgh collapsed, injuring ten. About three weeks later, the arches of a pedestrian bridge in North Carolina collapsed less than a year after construction.

Margaret Hamilton: Hero of the Eagle

March 15, 2022
This Women’s History Month, Capitol Tech is celebrating by honoring Margaret Hamilton, a NASA programmer who played an integral part in the successful 1969 mission of the Eagle.

Solving STEM Equations: It's Easy as Pi

March 14, 2022
It’s March 14th—AKA Pi Day! Many of us fondly remember celebrating this occasion in the math classroom with aptly named sugary treats.

Facial Recognition and Masks

March 10, 2022
Most people have been wearing masks since March of 2020, when the COVID pandemic first began.

Degree Spotlight: Engineering and Engineering Technologies

March 9, 2022
Capitol Tech has its roots in engineering. Founded in 1927 as the Capitol Radio Engineering Institute (CREI), the school focused on producing much needed well-trained radio and electronics technicians.

International Women’s Day Celebration Today

March 8, 2022
Today, March 8th, is the annual observance of International Women’s Day, a day celebrating the significant impact of women to all aspects of our society.