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Reviving the Dream of Space Exploration: The Private Space Industry

Dr. Alex “Sandy” Antunes of Capitol Technology University shares insights on space exploration and the emergence of the private space industry and how it’s impacting the astronautical engineering job market.

Cooking With Science: The Perfect Pizza Puzzle

Interview: Dr. Ian McAndrew, Dean of Doctoral Programs

Science Places: The Speelklok Museum

Privacy Anthropomorphizes Information

Jason M. Pittman, DSc

Time long past due for protecting power grid from cyber attack, professors say

The nation’s power grid remains vulnerable to potentially crippling cyber attacks, say two professors at Capitol Technology University. Here's how you can build a career that blends construction management and cybersecurity.

Mobile Device Security: Are App Stores Doing Enough?

Trainer’s Tips: Selling yourself to potential employers

Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

Thanks to the Internet of Things our level of connection isn’t limited anymore to just when we choose to go online.

Preparing for Interviews? Be Ready to Discuss a Setback

By Sandy Antunes