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Will Synthetic Intelligence Pass the Mark Test?

The mark test has been used to show self-awareness in a variety of non-human organisms- apes but not all monkeys, pigs, ants, and recently fish. My hunch is that such a test will at least be an initial step towards the right instrumentation. But, what exactly is a mark test you ask?

Malique Barksdale: What I Love About Capitol

As part of a regular series, we’re talking with students, faculty, and staff about the things that make Capitol a great place to learn, build, and succeed.

Aging International Space Station (ISS) still a beacon of global co-operation

As the International Space Station (ISS), a beacon of global co-operation, nears the end of its mission, now might be the perfect time for an ISS sighting. Find out how you can catch a glimpse of the sky’s third brightest object.

Staff Profile: Meeting Mr. William Drayton

“Find a way or make one.” This is Capitol’s motto, and new staff member, Mr. William M. Drayton III, has chosen to embrace it.

Cybersecurity: a challenge for state and local governments

Even though most of the cybersecurity breaches generally highlight large companies and the federal government, state and local governments also maintain sensitive records. How are local governments dealing with cybersecurity challenges?

What Is Privacy - Control

By: Jason M. Pittman, Sc.D.

8 Things Engineers Should Know

Capitol students finished building a CubeSat in just three years! In only three years we started with the raw material called ‘students,’ and we ended up with a hunk of shiny metal the size of a loaf of bread.

Alumni Interview: Calvin Cheng

By Sarah Alspaw, Director of Career Development and Student Success

Is Synthetic Intelligence a Person?

By Jason M. Pittman, Sc.D.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony August 16th

It’s official! As promised and right on schedule, Capitol’s most recent construction project will be complete this August. And we’re inviting you to come out and see it!