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Information Assurance: get to know this high-demand field and its career opportunities

What is Information Assurance (IA)? Very simply put, it means ensuring that the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

How Cyber and Data Analysts Predict and Protect From Future Cyber Attacks

The TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation famously featured a synthetic life form named Data. It was an apt choice of name for a major character in this future-oriented show.

Rogue Satellites No Boon to Space Enthusiasts

Can anyone launch a satellite? Only in the sense that anyone can fly an airplane -- as long as they train up, get the proper license, and get clearance to take off each time.

How to control a satellite with your mobile phone? Capitol students prove it is possible

On any given day, each of us will put our smart phone to a myriad of uses. We may use it to shop. Communicate with colleagues, friends, and family. Check the weather ahead of a plane trip. Monitor stocks.

Trainer's Tips 5: How to Make the Most Out of Your Summer

You hear the ‘ding’ that this round is complete, and you head to your corner to decompress, rest, and strategize for the upcoming round. 

Trainer's Tips 6: Getting to know Your resources

Welcome back! It is a new season.  With freshly laundered uniforms and new equipment, this is an exciting time of year.  I would recommend using the resources at your disposal to help you have a successful semester.

Trainer's Tips: Mentor-Driven Momentum

Mentors are here to guide you and encourage you. They can help you avoid mistakes, help give you clarity, help you brainstorm new ideas, and help you be the best you can be.

Trainer's Tips #3 -- The Career Fair Game Plan

In my previous blog post, I noted that Career Fairs offer a plethora of opportunities for career planning in addition the opportunity to inquire about available positions.

Trainer’s Tips #12: Etiquette

If you are a senior, you can register for the Fall Senior Etiquette event on September 27 from 11am-1pm. This will take place during the Career Conference, and attending students will be provided with a catered meal.

Trainer’s Tips #11: Watch your back!

Be careful on the job search. There are people out there who prey on job seekers. They know that job seekers, especially fresh out of school, tend to be more susceptible.