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Smothers: human factor essential to protecting critical infrastructure

Cyberattacks against SCADA systems – used to control industrial processes as well as much of our critical infrastructure – are a top

Machine Learning: Algorithm Overview

By Jason M. Pittman, D.Sc.

Want to launch a satellite into orbit? Fly it on a high-altitude balloon first!

Capitol student teams working on satellite launch projects many times start with a high-altitude balloon launch. Learn more about the process of how Capitol student teams launch satellites into orbit.

CapTech Talks: interact with tech experts during online, lunchtime sessions

Do you like to stay informed about new technological developments and their implications for human society? Are you interested in learning more about emerging technologies and areas of innovation?

Cybersecurity: Top Trends for 2019

The coming year promises to be a critical one for cybersecurity as new threats emerge and adversaries sharpen their game, while recent consolidation of federal-level efforts could help turn the tide, says Dr. William Butler, chair of the cybersecurity program at Capitol Technology University.

Navigating the UAV job market: now is the time to build your skills!

Like any transformative technology, unmanned and autonomous vehicles (UAV) are bound to reshape the job market, making some occupations obsolete while increasing the need for others.

Cybersecurity: current salary trends

How much can you expect to make with a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity?

Capitol Tech students in Norway for anticipated launch

After a momentous 2018, pace of change to continue at Capitol Tech

Machine learning: decision trees revisited

By Jason M. Pittman, D.Sc.