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Cyber Scholarship Program: Don't Miss This Prestigious Opportunity for Students

October 1, 2022
Picture this: a full scholarship package enabling you to complete your cybersecurity education without being hampered by financial burdens. In addition, a generous stipend covering room and board.

Fall in love with tech this Autumn with these great events!

September 28, 2022
Fall seems to finally be upon us. And although the weather continues to fluctuate between the clingy summer heat and the seasonably chilly, the first official day of Fall was on Thursday, September 22. So, we thought a good way to celebrate would be to list a few Fall must-do’s in the tech community. 

The many career prospects of a construction management graduate

September 19, 2022
Few degrees offer the income, flexibility, and career satisfaction of the Construction Management diploma. Which pathway will you take? Which opportunities most appeal? One attractive feature of this field is that it offers the option to work on site with the professionals who actually construct buildings, or to work in an office in front of a computer in an area like sustainability. A sustainability consultant focuses on environmental issues and their relationship to building practices. Their work may include an analysis of a building’s energy consumption and that energy source’s environmental impact. They also identify practices within an organization that can be optimized to achieve sustainability. By advising clients on the most optimal choices, they focus environmental activism in a practical direction.

Civic Hacking Day: Building Better Communities with What You’ve Got 

September 18, 2022
Civic hacking goes beyond just hacking in the technical sense, as in, coding, programming, and infiltrating a computerized networking system. Civic hacking is a term for using what you have, whether it be skills, resources, or opportunities, and utilizing them to help your community and effectively improve government policies. 

The Power of Concrete in Post-9/11 Construction

September 11, 2022
Skyscraper design has evolved over the decades, but until the World Trade Center (WTC) collapse, the trend had been toward the use of lighter, airier materials to construct our towers in the sky. Tenants and therefore building owners preferred glass skins and open floorplans, with an emphasis on environmental friendliness. Lightweight, high-tech fireproofing materials protected critical support elements.

Detecting Contaminants in Drinking Water and Source Water During a Hazardous Spill

September 8, 2022
The following is a guest blog by Capitol Tech doctoral graduate Jegnaw G Essatu, who breaks down the Jackson Water Crisis from a Critical Infrastructure point of view and discusses the methods in which contaminants are detected and r

Recover from the Summer Slump with these unique tips

September 6, 2022
Summer’s over! At least your summer has concluded. Officially the season does not end until September 22, but once you are back in school or college, it’s game over. Back to the routine for you! The more quickly you can segue back into the daily grind, the easier you will find adjustment. Consider these tips for an easier transition:

Lasers from Space Gather Climate Change Data in Forests

September 1, 2022
For several decades, global climate change has been a hot-button issue. Rising sea levels, melting ice caps, and unusual storm activity all signal that our planet is in trouble, and experts have struggled to agree on a universal answer for slowing the heat death of the world. 

The Crucial Cybersecurity Needs of Healthcare Technology

August 25, 2022
Cybersecurity in the health industry is a huge and growing field. When the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) passed in 1996, it ushered in an avalanche of new practices surrounding the privacy of patient health information. Medical providers and other entities were required to take whatever steps were needed to ensure that sensitive health data in electronic form was protected against security threats.

The complex security needs of cryptocurrency

August 17, 2022
It’s hard to think of an aspect of our day-to-day lives that the internet hasn’t touched. Everything from art to communication to education has been adapted to operate within a digital format, and even banking now exists in a primarily online world. And the more sensitive the data, the more protection is needed.