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Machine Learning: Finding the Root

Jason M. Pittman, ScD

How do you become a construction manager?

With the construction industry booming and continued growth expected, being a construction manager is a stable, lucrative career. But what are the qualifications that you need to become a construction manager? Read more to find out.

Capitol student presents at IEEE conference

Students involved with the Brain-Machine Interface workshop at Capitol Technology University are experimenting with technologies of the fut

Student Engineer Spotlight: Kimberly Frost

Engineer’s week 2019 is here, and Capitol engineering students from all specializations are coming together to make it a great week full of learning, community, and geeking-out together.

Behind the Bot: The Story of our R2 Unit

He’s the king of beeps and boops. He’s that famous blue droid. He’s made out of a large old Pepsi container and some odd bits lying around the lab. He’s R2-D2 – or at least our version of him.

Why Engineering? We Asked Our Experts.

It is National Engineers Week and Capitol is celebrating! We’re looking forward to continuing a fun week of building, making, and learning with our on-campus engineering clubs and organizations.

Career opportunities for mechatronics engineers

What can you do with a mechatronics engineering degree? A better question might be “what can’t you do?”

Radio: Still Essential After All These Years

Machine Learning: The Cost of Decisions

By Jason M. Pittman, DSc

Capitol Tech launches new doctoral program in aviation

Are you an aviation professional with sights set on a doctoral degree? Have you been unable to enroll in a PhD program due to time constraints or professional responsibilities?