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Promoting early STEM education can save lives, Capitol doctoral graduate says

A self-described “encryption nut,” Dr. Chanel Suggs has tapped her lifelong fascination with codes and cryptography to build a successful career as a security analyst.

Choosing a career path in Cybersecurity: Government or Industry?

There are government jobs and industry jobs, and there’s contracting too. With so many career options, where should you go after you earn that cybersecurity degree?

Can We Trust Synthetic Intelligence?

Previously, we have discussed synthetic intelligence, agency in synthetic intelligence, and 

Rogue Space Cameras?

First, one U.S. company decides to skip FCC licensing and puts up four rogue satellites.

Your final exam: recover an out-of-control spacecraft!

For most students, taking a final exam means poring over a test – solving problems, answering questions, and doing your best to summon forth the knowledge you obtained during the semester.

Recruiting Students: Success Tips for Employers

As commencement approaches, many graduating students are already well into the job search, hoping to land a position at a top company in their field.

Privacy - The Rise in Demand

The demand for privacy is at an all-time high. Worldwide, web search traffic suggests that people are more interested in privacy today than they were ten years ago.

Capitol’s new president calls for career-focused education

Capitol Technology University’s new president, Dr. Bradford L Sims, is emphasizing the need for “a solid education that enables students of all ages to obtain a great career and take care of themselves and their families.”

Will the Turing Test Detect Synthetic Intelligence?

We know that synthetic intelligence is not artificial intelligence. The latter is an imitation whereas the former is authentic.

Books for Business Analytics Bachelors and Masters Program Students

Business analytics skills are in high demand. Companies need employees with business know-how combined with the skills needed to interpret and organize data.