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Tech economy drives changes in education

By Emma Leonard

Student satellite mission aces NASA review, readies for launch

Photos courtesy of Project Aether

Synthetic intelligence and the Divine

Jason M. Pittman, Sc.D.

Bookshelf: AI Reads

By: Sarah Van Horn

Privacy as Knowing

By Jason M. Pittman, D.Sc.

Student Spotlight: Summer Intern Ahmed Woodson and Project S.O.L.O.

Have you ever dreamed of working with space tech for a living? Capitol summer intern, Ahmed Woodson does.

Top 5 Entry-Level Analyst Careers

In our data driven world, analytics experts are a critical part of any good modern day business. Read more to find out the various analytics career specializations that are most in demand.

Cyber Analytics – Seeing From the Enemy's Perspective

Top-notch cyber analysts investigate their crime scene to prevent other enemies from exploiting vulnerabilities. Find out how you can become a cyber analyst with a degree in Cyber Analytics from Capitol Technology University.

Alumni Interview: Tien Le

Capitol graduates are doing amazing things. I put out a call for interviews out on LinkedIn and spoke to a few of the first respondents. If you are an alumnus and you are interested in being interviewed, please let me (Sarah Alspaw) know by emailing

Feats of Engineering: The Ocean Clean-Up Machine

American author James A. Michener once wrote, “Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.”