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References: why they're important, how to get them, and whom (not) to ask

Untangling UAV legal and security issues: Capitol Tech’s McAndrew chairs conference

What to look for in your first engineering job

By Dr. Alex "Sandy" Antunes Your first job as a recent graduate is crucial -- but not necessarily in the way you think.  

Construction in 2050: robots, drones, and buildings that build themselves

Worst passwords of 2018 includes familiar howlers…and some new ones

Machine learning: understanding decision trees

Make a difference with a holiday gift to Capitol Tech!

Automation through Building Information Modeling: Capitol degree program highlights the cutting edge in construction management

Building Information Modeling (BIM) provides access to 3D representations and other essential data of a structure-in-progress. Here’s why it’s important for the future of automation in construction management.

Startup looks to Capitol Tech for research and development partnership

Students at Capitol Technology University don’t just learn how to use existing technology – they help invent the technologies of the future.

Cyber analytics: what the C-suite needs to know

Many organizations have not come to terms with the fact that they will, sooner or later, be hacked. Here’s what c-suite needs to know about cybersecurity.