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Philosophy of Technology Roundtable: How Do We Answer the Human Questions Posed by Technology?

The wow factor involved with some of today’s emerging technologies is huge. Imagine, for instance, being able to start your car, operate your computer, or adjust the temperature in your home – simply by using your thoughts.

Capitol Bookshelf: Cyber Analytics

If you’re interested in learning more about cyber analytics, security, big data, and what it’s all about, we have some great reads for you to check out!

Cybersecurity: Why too many executives still don’t invest

Skimping on cybersecurity is like failing to install smoke alarms in your home – indeed, as business executive Kevin McCarty points out in a piece for Forbes earlier this month, it’s an even worse decision.

Scarlin Hernandez: Being a space engineer offers a chance to make history, inspire others

Scarlin Hernandez, a spacecraft engineer for NASA’s signature space mission the James Webb Space Telescope, talks about her journey to becoming a spacecraft engineer and inspiring others to achieve their dreams.

What is Privacy?

Dr. Jason M. Pittman is a scholar, professor, and cybersecurity thought leader. He currently is on the full-time faculty at Capitol Technology University. The following is part of an ongoing series on privacy.

Carbon means "Life, Maybe?"

NASA recently announced the discovery of organic molecules – complex carbon particles – on Mars.  Three years ago, Capitol students flew a high altitude balloon payload that found complex carbon particles in our upper atmosphere.

On the move: fast-growing Capitol Tech is Moxie Award finalist

Capitol Technology University – a higher education pioneer that has launched many first-of-their-kind programs – has been selected as a finalist for the annual Moxie Award.

How open NASA data helped to create the map of Mars

Data is shaping our lives. Read more on how NASA is using data to further explore space, specifically Mars from data gathered over years of exploration as part of the Mars Exploration Program.

Capitol Tech Kicks Off Summer With Cyber Camp

School’s out – and kids and teens across the country are looking ahead to their summer activities. See what a group of middle and high school students enrolled in Capitol's summer camps will be doing.

Why is an Indistinguishable Synthetic Consciousness Bad?

Previously, I argued that the three types of consciousness were indistinguishable. I argued that this is because we cannot reliably detect any consciousness other than our own. I reasoned that an undetectable consciousness is an indistinguishable consciousness. Based on that, I made the claim that an undetectable, indistinguishable consciousness would be bad.