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Why Engineering? We Asked Our Experts.

It is National Engineers Week and Capitol is celebrating! We’re looking forward to continuing a fun week of building, making, and learning with our on-campus engineering clubs and organizations.

Career opportunities for mechatronics engineers

What can you do with a mechatronics engineering degree? A better question might be “what can’t you do?”

Radio: Still Essential After All These Years

Machine Learning: The Cost of Decisions

By Jason M. Pittman, DSc

Capitol Tech launches new doctoral program in aviation

Are you an aviation professional with sights set on a doctoral degree? Have you been unable to enroll in a PhD program due to time constraints or professional responsibilities?

What is it like to be an ethical hacker?

Cybersecurity professionals pursuing a career as an ethical hacker describe it as challenging but also rewarding and fun. Nathan Wray, an ethical hacker and Cybersecurity Professor at Capitol Tech, fills in some of the details.

Smart glasses and VR: Boeing engineer’s PhD research explores horizons in aviation industry tech

What is digital forensics?

Cybersecurity and cyber analytics professionals focusing on digital forensics careers investigate breaches and cyber-attacks using tools that capture data for analysis before it disappears.

Capitol Tech’s Project Aether team launches science payload into space

A student team from Capitol Technology University is back in the United States after its science payload was successfully flown into space aboard a rocket launched out of Andøya, Norway.

CapTech Talks: explore frontiers of data science with Dr. Herman Felder

What is data science, and where is it going?