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“Capitolizing” on Classmate Connections

November 13, 2020
In today’s online learning environment, it is easy to forget that part of the college experience is to connect with your peers. These connections not only make for a great time today, but they can often turn into future professional connections, as well. Therefore, it is important not to miss the opportunity to make lasting connections with your classmates–even as an online student. Let these 5 tips help you expand your online student network:

Meet Leon Brittain, An Undergrad in Mechatronics Engineering 

November 12, 2020
When Leon Brittain graduated from high school in 2019, he knew he wanted to study electrical and mechanical engineering. A detailed search of post-secondary programs led him to Capitol Technology University’s Mechatronics Engineering program, which allows him to pursue both fields of interest simultaneously.

Student Spotlight: Take Charge of your Online Learning

November 12, 2020
I have a name that I want you to remember. Remember this name because this person is making trendsetting and influential moves in her industry while being an online student at Capitol Tech and is defining what it means to “take charge” of your online learning.

Faculty Spotlight: Learn How Industry Leader, Dr. Ron Martin, Prepares His Online Students to Meet the Challenges of the Critical Infrastructure World

November 11, 2020
Dr. Ron Martin is a Professor of Practice at Capitol Technology University with a specialization in Identity Credentialing and Access Management (ICAM), Critical Infrastructure, Industrial Control Systems, and Cybersecurity. Dr. Martin, now an instructor, consultant, and Subject Matter Expert (SME), worked in a government capacity (in various roles) for decades with the United States Army, United States Department of Commerce, United States Department of Health and Human Services, and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

3 Proven Tips by College Advisor & Instructional Designer

November 10, 2020
BREAKING NEWS: Pursuing a degree online is NOT easier just because it’s online.   That’s a myth, and a lot of people believe it. Why? Well, the reasons vary and to be honest, we don’t need to spend any time exploring those reasons.  

National Distance Week Series: Online Learning’s Past, Present, and Future

November 9, 2020
Last March, I found myself in a Zoom room exploring Canvas with CapTech Faculty. While compelled by the faculty's optimism, I could not escape the sting of a news story I caught that morning. The sound bite of students complaining about their institution's ability to adapt at the onset of COVID-19 pains me as an Education Tech Admin.  As I facilitated the training, I mentioned the story to a faculty member.  She responded with a comedic, "well, I am only here for Zoom. I know Canvas. I have been using Canvas since we transitioned". Her statements reminded me why I choose to work for an institution founded on the basics of distance education and poised to exceed its founders' vision by 2025. 

National STEM Day

November 6, 2020
November 8 is National STEM Day! STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math and focuses on encouraging education in those four areas through fun and innovative methods in order to support a well-rounded U.S. workforce.

CISA Offers New Resources on National Critical Functions

November 5, 2020
The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which is a federal agency responsible for managing both physical and cyber threats to the country’s physical infrastructure, recently published two new important it

How Waste Water Treatment Plants Work 

November 4, 2020
As mentioned in previous posts about Critical Infrastructure,  the industry is made up of 16 sectors which a

Cybersecurity Issues: Zoom hacking of universities and schools

November 3, 2020
Zoom hacking has been a nationwide problem ever since educational institutions shifted to online learning. Cybersecurity experts have been tasked with identifying and resolving these issues to ensure students and staff remain safe.