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2019 Gudelsky Scholar shares his secret for pushing limits and breaking boundaries

Everything is connected. People, homes, cars, planes, banks, cities – you name it. In today’s increasingly digital era, we leave a heavy footprint, one that is equally convenient and susceptible to exploitation.

Soon-to-be Capitol Alumna, a Star in the Making

With a wisdom beyond her years, Sophia LoSchiavo, a graduating astronautical engineering major and 2018 Gudelsky Scholar, is all that Capitol seeks to help cultivate in its students: intelligent, thoughtful, confident, and ready to make

Resources for women considering a construction management career

Almost one-third of women working in construction are employed in management or professional roles. Here are some organizations and conferences women in a construction management career can turn to for advice and mentorship.

Drones and Construction Safety

Unmanned systems are on the rise in every industry, but did you know that they’ve already been quietly taking over for years in the construction industry?

Threats to Machine Learning

By: Jason M. Pittman, Sc.D.

Alumni spotlight: Herman Felder Jr, Ph.D.

Herman Felder, a three-time Capitol Technology graduate and adjunct professor, returned to Capitol to teach because he enjoys, “having a hand in shaping the future ‘me”.

Aerial Drone Spotter’s Guide

Did you know unmanned and autonomous systems are changing the way movies are made, lives are saved and crops are planted?

Earth Day and Every Day: 10 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

A day celebrating our planet and the environment around us, today, April 22nd, is officially Earth day.

The Improvised Rocket Car

by Sandy Antunes, PhD

Machine Learning - Data Integrity

Our last discussion highlighted a broad issue of adversarial interactions with machine learning algorithms.