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Capitol Tech’s Fusion Lab prepares students for cutting-edge STEM careers through hands-on, interdisciplinary technology projects

June 8, 2020
Dr. Alex 'Sandy' Antunes, in addition to teaching courses in the Bachelor of Science in Astronautical Engineering program, runs the Fusion Lab, which is Capitol Tech's makerspace and focuses on preparing students for STEM careers through hands-on, interdisciplinary technology projects.

Alan Turing: Mathematical Genius, Allied Forces Hero, and Pioneer of the Computer Science Industry

June 8, 2020
In an earlier post this week, we explored the basics safety practices of National Safety Month which takes place annually in June. However, another important celebration also takes place this month–Pride Month. So in honor of the important movement celebrated this month, officially penned by Bill Clinton in 1999 in response t0 the Stonewall Inn protest against police persecution towards members of the lgbtq+ community, we will profile lgbtq+ community intellectual who have made substantial contributions to STEM industries.

Capitol Tech. Celebrates National Safety Month Year-Round with Comprehensive Programs

June 3, 2020
As businesses begin to see positive results from or potential flaws in their COVID-19 response plans, workplace safety remains at the forefront of everyone’s mind. That’s why this year’s National Safety Month which takes place every June, could not have come at a more opportune time.

Advanced technology to remove space debris from orbit

June 1, 2020
According to NASA, there are more than 500,000 pieces of debris orbiting the earth. Several organizations are working on advanced technology to remove space debris from orbit to reduce risk of damage to functioning equipment.

Student Voice: Leader of the Astronomy Club Shares His View of the International Space Station 

May 28, 2020
A new student came into the Fusion Lab who was interested in everything in the lab had to offer, but he was particularly intrigued by the International Space Station (ISS) tracker display. He wasn’t sure what it was so I explained to him that it tracks the ISS in real time and that it just so happened that it was about to pass over the school in about 5 minutes. 

21st Century Astronautical Engineering Professor  

May 28, 2020
Modern university education features a lot of adjunct teaching (aka courses taught by part-time professors). The core debate, for those not tracking it, centers around an almost cliché question: which is better: full-time on-campus professors or working part-time adjuncts? 

Memorial Day at Capitol Tech

May 25, 2020
Memorial Day is often appreciated by those without connections to members of our military as a yearly bonus day off, but Capitol Technology University has a long history of supporting military members that makes this Monday especially close to the heart of the institution.  

Understanding the difference between Mechatronics engineering vs. mechatronics robotics engineering

May 26, 2020
For students interested in pursuing a degree in mechatronics, it can be confusing trying to understand the difference between mechatronics engineering and mechatronics robotics engineering.

I Know What You Are, but What Am I?: What it Meant and Means to be a Nerd, Geek, or Techie  

May 21, 2020
Only a few years ago, the words “Nerd”, “Geek”, and “Techie” were not a compliment. Popular culture has influenced early ideas of what each of these words meant and created images of what kind of person would be identified as such. Iconic shows and movies like 1984’s Revenge of the Nerds, 1985’s The Breakfast Club, 1999’s Freaks and Geeks, 2006’s The IT Crowd, 2014’s Silicon Valley, or 2015’s Mr. Robot, have largely shaped how we think someone in each of these categories looks, acts, and is capable of. 

From Small Idea to Start-up: Tips from Successful Tech Companies

May 20, 2020
A million dollars in the tech world may seem like small change against giants like Microsoft (valued at $1 trillion) or Apple (valued at $1.3 Trillion), but for many start-ups, a $1 million company valuation is a sign that they’ve made it. Today, on National Be a Millionaire Day, we review companies that found their niche in an incredibly saturated tech market to make their mark-and their million.