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Walmart Sets the Standard with Supply Chain Automation

April 13, 2023
With over 10,000 stores and 2.2 million employees across 24 countries, Walmart is looking to leverage new frontiers in an automated supply chain to reduce costs, fulfill orders more efficiently, and improve the customer experience. 

ESG’s Place in Cybersecurity and Risk Management for a Cyber-Safe Business Model

April 12, 2023
Businesses are now taking ESG considerations into account, including the application of cybersecurity to ESG. To ensure their companies' cyber resilience, they are also assessing how ESG, cybersecurity and risk management overlap.

Bradford Sims: The Perfect Blend of Industry Expertise and Academic Excellence for Capitol Technology University

April 7, 2023
Capitol Technology University has experienced a remarkable surge in growth and development under the capable leadership of President Bradford Sims. With a rich background in the construction industry and advanced degrees in construction science and management, Dr. Sims has brought a unique combination of practical experience and academic prowess to the institution. This perfect blend has generated immense benefits for both students and construction employers who are looking to partner with Capitol Technology University. 

Pressures Ratchet Upward as Demand for Product Managers in Aerospace, Defense Grows

March 29, 2023
As the demands from aerospace and defense industry buyers are growing, the demand for product managers in aerospace and defense companies is increasing simultaneously, especially for those that can tackle the rising challenges.

Plans for Cleaning Up Space Debris: New Rules Put Pressure on the Industry

March 22, 2023
There are currently thousands of unnecessary pieces of debris littering outer space. NASA has recognized that plans for cleaning up space debris is vital for safe spacecraft orbit, leading to a legislative response from the FCC.

Nature’s Blueprints: The Future of Robotics

March 21, 2023
Nature has been testing, adapting, and refining its designs for millennia, making it a unique source of inspiration for technologists, scientists, and designers. This practice of using designs and processes found in nature as inspiration for human-made products and systems–known as biomimicry–involves studying natural organisms, their structures, functions, and behaviors, and using that knowledge to create more efficient, sustainable, and innovative technologies and designs. 

The role of artificial intelligence in online learning

March 16, 2023
Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an essential part of modern life, offering increased efficiency and convenience across a variety of industries. In education, the integration of AI has led to exciting opportunities and valid concerns about how to effectively incorporate these tools into the classroom, particularly in remote learning environments. 

Opportunities for Washington DC & Maryland STEM Internships Abound

March 15, 2023
DC being a hub for tech provides students with boundless opportunities. With top-tier organizations like NASA and NIST in Capitol Tech’s backyard, Washington DC and Maryland STEM internships are as abundant as they're competitive.

The Urgent Need for Women in Cybersecurity

March 14, 2023
The need for women in cybersecurity has been persistent with it remaining a male-dominant field. However, the demand for more women in the cyber field is greater than ever as the industry faces a shortage of skilled professionals.

The Business of Healthcare: Is Amazon Clinic a Good Idea?

March 9, 2023
Amazon is a trillion-dollar company, with a profit range much like that of the pharmaceutical industry. But Amazon did not make its fortune through healthcare services and medication—at least, not yet.