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Capitol Graduates Making Great Strides

At Capitol Technology University, we work hard to ensure that our graduates achieve success long after they’ve walked across our commencement stage.

It’s the digital era. Construction managers need to understand cybersecurity

Construction managers today are more likely to communicate using smartphones and computers, making it crucial for them to understand and mitigate cybersecurity risks posed by digital-era technologies.

Research and Travel with the Hong Kong Society of Mechanical Engineers (HKSME)

By: Ian R. McAndrew PhD FRAeS

Film Contests as a Model for Real Life

by Dr. Sandy Antunes

What's the Deal with the Boeing 737?

By: Dr. Ian R. McAndrew, FRAeS

Machine Learning - Bias and Extreme Edges

By: Jason M. Pittman, ScD

The Critical Need to Protect Our Way of Life

Increasing cyber threats have created the need for sophisticated ways to protect our critical infrastructure resulting in new career opportunities for those interested in helping to keep America safe.

Bookshelf: Robotics Reads

By: Sarah Van Horn

Do Electrical Engineers Make Good Money?

Look around the room you are sitting in. Is there a device that uses electricity near you? Electrical engineers are the power behind every machine, and in our technology driven world that means big money.

Medical Mechatronics: Improving life for patients and clinicians

Medical mechatronics is revolutionizing the medical field with lifelike prosthetic devices, robotic-assisted surgical systems, in-home monitoring devices and more.