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Cybersecurity student Joshua Joseph found his community at Capitol Tech

December 30, 2019
Joshua Joseph had a curiosity for STEM since childhood. It made all the difference to him to find a STEM-focused community with people who shared his interests, which he found at Capitol Tech.

Managing privacy: how consumers are changing the paradigm

December 23, 2019
As more and more personal data is shared online, consumers are more knowledgeable about their data, and are requesting more expansive federal privacy legislation and implementation of clear rules for cybersecurity protocols.

Construction cost estimating: popular tools

December 17, 2019
Ensuring a construction project stays within budget is vital for a construction manager. To accomplish this, construction managers need to know how to estimate costs using software tools. Here are five tools used in the industry.

Committed to Success

December 12, 2019
What makes us better at Capitol for doctorate students is the faculty providing relevant leading-edge experience to support our students. We are committed to your success.

How AI-driven chatbots are posing a cybersecurity threat: what you need to know

December 9, 2019
There are many benefits to using Artificial intelligent chatbots for customer support, but with proper cybersecurity protocols to protect customers personal information.

Cyber Scholarship Program: Don't Miss This Prestigious Opportunity for Students

January 26, 2018
Picture this: a full scholarship package enabling you to complete your cybersecurity education without being hampered by financial burdens.

Biggest Industrial Robotics Employers for Mechatronics Engineers

December 6, 2019
One of the largest areas in which mechatronics and robotics experience is needed is in the field of industrial robotics. The following companies offer career paths for those with a passion for mechatronics engineering.

Alumni Spotlight: Glenn Andal

November 27, 2019
Glenn Andal, a cybersecurity program alumnus of Capitol Tech, currently solves some of the most complex and important problems facing the field of cybersecurity at MITRE, a research development center for the U.S. government.

Managing construction industry labor shortage

November 25, 2019
It is increasingly difficult to find skilled workers in certain industries, like manufacturing and construction. Here’s how the construction industry is adopting technology to lower the impact of labor shortages.


November 18, 2019
SOLIDWORKS, a solid modeling computer-aided design and engineering program, is one of the most popular software options for mechatronics engineers. Here's how it's used to develop mechatronics systems from beginning to end.