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Center for Cybersecurity Research and Analysis (CCRA)

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The Center for Cybersecurity Research and Analysis serves as the university hub for training, research, analysis, and programming in all things cybersecurity. Learn to defeat simulated cyberattacks, land an internship where you can put your skills to work and prepare for the workforce, publish a scholarly article addressing an existing challenge in the field, and much more. Students–both on-ground and online–faculty, alumni, and community partners alike are welcome.

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As one of the first schools in the nation to be designated a National Center of Excellence in Cyber Defense by the Department of Homeland Security and National Security Agency, Capitol Technology University stands ready to advance the field and do its part to combat one of the nation’s greatest challenges. 


Cybersecurity Chair, Dr. William (Bill) Butler has won the SC Media Leadership Award for Outstanding Educator at the 2021 SC Awards. Read more... 

Capitol Technology University was announced as the winner of the prestigious SC Media Award for Best Cybersecurity Higher Education Program on February 25, 2020. Read more...

The National Security Agency and Department of Defense have designated Capitol Technology University as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense. We were honored to have a communications team from the NSA come to campus and produce this video explaining the benefits of our award-winning program.

National Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) Northeast Regional Hub

Capitol Technology University was awarded a two-year grant from NSA to lead the National Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) Northeast Regional Hub, which includes 14 states, the District of Columbia, and hundreds of institutions offering cybersecurity programs. This distinction bestowed to the university echoes the importance of the university’s longstanding dedication to cybersecurity education, active leadership roles within the region, and ever-expanding global reach.

Institutions that receive a Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Cybersecurity designation have met the rigorous requirements set forth by the joint sponsors of the program, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The NSA and DHS award the CAE in Cybersecurity (CAE-C) designation to institutions that commit to producing cybersecurity professionals that will reduce vulnerabilities in our national infrastructure.

Attend a Free Virtual Cyber Saturday Information Session

Are you a high school or community college student with an interest in computers, coding, gaming and cybersecurity? At Capitol Technology University, we offer a regular series of Cyber Saturdays that will provide you with the opportunity to explore those activities in a fun, game-like environment.

Click here to view upcoming Cyber Saturday dates and register now!


William Butler, D.Sc.
Director, Center for Cybersecurity Research and Analysis (CCRA)
Richard Hansen, CISSP
Professor of Practice, Cyber Security
Technical Advisor and Competitions Coach
Ronald Martin, PhD
Professor of Practice, Cyber Security
Director, ICAM Lab
Kellep Charles, PhD
Assistant Professor, Computer Science & Cyber and Information Security
Deputy Director of CCRA