Online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Construction Information Technology and Cybersecurity

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Throughout this online program, the latest technological developments, applications, and considerations in the construction industry are explored and applied to real-life industry challenges. Students will learn optimum methods and techniques to define resources, risks, and threats in order to maintain the protection, safety, and profitability of construction sites. 

The program provides the essential knowledge to enter into the construction IT and cybersecurity industry with careers, such as:

  • Construction Information Technology Specialist - average salary $88,2931
  • Construction Cyber Operations Team Leader - average base pay $39,1742
  • IT and Cybersecurity Supervisor - average base pay $55,7822
  • Construction Information Specialist - average salary $45,5993
  • Cybersecurity Analyst - average base pay $86,6432
  • Construction TI/Cyber Strategist - national average salary $28,237/D.C. area average $30,3222
  • Construction Cyber Security Consultant - average salary $81,2972

1 Salary based on 2020 Paysa salary data
2 Salary based upon 2020 Glassdoor salary data
3 Salary based upon 2020 ZipRecruiter salary data

Why Capitol?

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Our comprehensive cybersecurity center

The Center for Cybersecurity Research and Analysis serves as the university hub for training, research, analysis, and programming in all things cybersecurity. Learn to defeat simulated cyberattacks, land an internship where you can put your skills to work and prepare for the workforce, publish a scholarly article addressing an existing challenge in the field, and much more. Students–both on-ground and online–faculty, alumni, and community partners alike are welcome.


Our long history in cybersecurity education

As one of the first schools in the nation to be designated a National Center of Excellence in Cyber Defense by the Department of Homeland Security and National Security Agency, Capitol Technology University stands ready to advance the field and do its part to combat one of the nation’s greatest challenges.

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Our motto, ‘find a way, or make one’ delivers job ready skills.

Hands on classes, combined with extracurricular clubs like; League of Legends, the robotics club, and the gaming club help you hone the skills needed to excel in the workplace.

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Support for you

Whatever type of resource you need - a way to improve your math skills, a place to exercise, help with a job search or a disability - we have facilities and personnel ready to help.

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Key Faculty

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The Capitol Commitment

We’ve created a game plan to make sure you find a job upon graduation. Learn more.



The Bachelor of Science in Construction Information Technology and Cybersecurity degree is a total of 121 credits, which covers cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, program languages, information technology, technical electives, mathematics and sciences, English and social science courses.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition rates are subject to change.

The following rates are in effect for the 2023-2024 academic year, beginning in Fall 2023 and continuing through Summer 2024:

  • Anytime Online Tuition - Standard Rate ** $450 per credit, plus fees
  • Anytime Online Tuition - Partnership Rate ** $360 per credit, plus fees
  • Active Duty Military Tuition ** Tuition $250 per credit, plus fees
  • Retired Military Tuition ** Tuition $746 per credit, plus fees
  • Information technology fees
  • Part-time (1-11 credits) - $39 per credit
  • Full-time (12+ credits) - $431 per semester

**eligibility for this rate requires acceptance into an anytime online program; additional discounts or scholarships do not apply

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