Dr. Butler Spoke at Goddard Space Flight Center CYBERSECURITY EXPO

To close out Capitol's NCSAM activities,  Dr. Butler spoke about “Securing Your Wifi in an Unsecure World” at Goddard Space Flight Center CYBERSECURITY EXPO held Thursday, October 24, 2019. The talk reminded the audience that they are required to protect US Government data in their possession. Often, wireless networks and mobile devices are vulnerable to attacks and exploitation for their login credentials, data stored on the device, and data being transmitted. Dr. Butler reviewed a compiled list of industry-standard best practices that should be implemented at home and in the workplace. Dr. Butler closed out the session with a lively question and answer exchange with the audience ranging from recent major ransomware attacks to the most effective countermeasures the average consumer can easily implement to protect their personal data and credentials. Dr. Butler also teaches Capitol students in the Bachelors and Masters programs on how to comply with US Government wireless security requirements.  

GSFC Cybersecurity Expo