The Nation's "Best Cybersecurity Program" Will Help You to Become the Best

March 20, 2020

The news covers it weekly, you use it daily, and businesses monitor it by the minute. It’s difficult to remain unaware that the cybersecurity industry needs highly skilled personnel when it is used so often and so ubiquitously across industries. Despite the need, not just anyone can become a cybersecurity expert – especially not overnight or after attending a short course.  

If you want to take advantage of this booming market and set yourself apart from the pack, you’ll need the nation’s best Cybersecurity program behind you. Capitol was awarded the national title of Best Cybersecurity Program for 2020 among finalists such as the University of Maryland Global Campus, New York University, New York University Tandon School of Engineering, and Red Rocks Community College. 

Capitol offers multiple cybersecurity degrees at the bachelor, master, and doctoral levels. Prospective students ranging from those who have just graduated high school to professionals in the middle of their careers may enroll in a B.S.M.S., and DSc in cybersecurity as well as an M.S. in Aviation Cybersecurity, an M.S. in Construction Cybersecurity, and a Technical Master of Business Administration in Cybersecurity. The university provides students with the necessary skills to secure a future in an in-demand and lucrative field. All of our degrees are taught by industry-experts with years of experience and our graduate programs are tailored for working adults with obligations outside of schoolwork. 

“I was familiar with the school, having already completed a master’s degree at Capitol, and I also knew that the cybersecurity program is highly regarded.” said Cybersecurity Program Alumni Hector Santiago, DSc. “It is a DHS and NSA-designated Center for Academic Excellence.” 

For those interested in switching careers to or advancing their careers in cybersecurity, consider the vast possibilities of the industry and keep your mind open about your future career.  At Capitol it is easy to think locally with all the key DoD and government centers. That hides the picture more than many realize. 

Consider banking for instance. Switzerland, London, Shanghai, Singapore are all world banking centers in need of cybersecurity professionals to protect customer data and resources. This is only one example of the many possibilities for cybersecurity professionals, said Dr. Ian McAndrew, Dean of Doctoral Programs. 

“Cyber is not just for defense, it’s expanding. A Cybersecurity degree is a portal to a global position and one where you could work from anywhere for a company in a different continent,” said Dr. McAndrew. “Cyber is 24 hours a day. An American working their day shift will be the night shift in China and vise versa.” 

Dr. Santiago pointed out that society has driven and will continue to drive the growth of cybersecurity and, subsequently, the need for cybersecurity experts.  

“Cyber is a hot button topic right now, with policy being put forward at the highest levels based on the work done by analysts. One of the overarching concerns is the tradeoff between convenience and security,” Dr. Santiago said. “For example, a growing number of people like the idea of a cashless society, where you can just wave your phone – or maybe, someday, your hand – and be able to pay your restaurant bill or buy groceries. We see the benefits of having a chip in you that, for instance, will provide first responders with your HIPAA data if you suffer an accident or sudden medical condition. But we tend to forget about the security aspect." 

Cybersecurity experts, like Dr. Santiago, are focused on real problems and our graduates are problem solvers. 

“I go to work every day with the knowledge that a project I’m involved with may well help shape national policy, and that’s exciting and rewarding,” Dr. Santiago said. 

Capitol Technology University is here to support you achieve your dreams and realization in the cyber world. Join one of our virtual open houses to find out more and be a true expert on a world-wide stage. 

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