Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Capitol Technology University, we believe in equity of education for all students.

Racial & Ethnic Demographics 

Over 48% of our undergraduate population is represented by persons of color, and 66% is from underrepresented student populations. 
Over 50% of our graduate population is represented by persons of color. 
Over 57% of our doctorate population is represented by persons of color. 




Capitol Tech students and staff represent a diverse community of learners, scholars and innovators. Our faculty are industry experts who foster global perspective in their programs. 

Every student has the right to a quality education, to feel supported, accepted, and free to learn without limitations or biases, and Capitol Tech recognizes the diverse needs of its student body.  

Capitol Tech has the resources needed to ensure students have access to a quality education in line with the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion. 


Racial Ethnic Demographics

Racial Ethnic Demographics

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